Don’t you worry ~ I am still alive!  Wow!  I cannot believe how long it has been since I have done this thing called blogging.  I must be super motivated tonight, because not only am I updating this one, I also created my new Miss Feldmeyer school blog! 

This will be a mini-post, as it is way past my bedtime.  However, Ben is at the Colts game tonight and I want to wait up for him, so I still have a few minutes.  Those few minutes will be devoted to YOU!!  YOU = those who still may be checking in ?!!

Here is my latest piece of motivation.  It is just a reminder for me, hanging on the refrigerator…

All Pics 617

It seems silly ~ but it does help  :)

Here is my latest check-in:

All Pics 569

S -  L – O – W – L  – Y  but surely making progress.  After so many awesome workout and so few lost pounds, I have finally come to this realization:

Workouts do NOT equal weight loss !!!

I have been working very hard at the gym, both cardio and strength training.  I feel a difference and see a difference ~ I feel stronger.  The scale is hardly budging.  But I think I am okay with that.  I think.

Speaking of scales, something interesting came up a while ago that I wanted to share with you all.  It was at least a month ago, but I am still going to share, because I found it interesting…

Ben and I are in the process of getting life insurance.  Part of the process is having a nurse come to the house to check our health.  Of course, she had to weigh me (!!!!)  Her reaction was confusing:

“Oh my gosh! Wow, I can’t believe you weigh so much!”

? ? ? ?

Nurse continues: “I just mean, you look very petite.  You weigh 130 – that is what I weigh.  I’m a nurse, I weigh people all day long, it’s my job.  I can look at a person and know exactly how much they weigh.  Then every once in awhile, someone like you comes along and completely blows me away!”

I was not sure what to make of this.  After a bit of thinking, I decided to take this in a good way.  I think her comment has kind of helped me realize that numbers truly mean nothing.  Just the same way I believe that the size of my pants means nothing, as long as they look & feel good.  The number on the scale means nothing, as long as I look & feel good. 

In the words of Southridge Cheerleaders of 03’ ~ The number ain’t no thang!

With the exception of Thanksgiving Thursday & Friday, I have been working very hard.  I’ve been watching what I eat and working out almost every single day of the week.  Having a rest day is becoming less common for me.  A great workout has truly become part of my routine.  I have even stopped writing them down on my workout calendar.  I just do them ~ Routine. 

KT and I even had a pretty good workout Thanksgiving morning.  We skipped out on the Turkey Trot (Boooo us!!!) because of rain. 

I consider myself pretty hardcore when it comes to workout.  Well, I did until Thanksgiving morn.  KT and I got dressed to go to the 5K Turkey Trot, but after walking outside, we realized we did not want to run in the cold rain!  No way!  Maybe I’m not hardcore.  Whatev. 

We opted for an awesome / dry indoor workout:

All Pics 725

^ Post Turkey Turbo session!  :)

I have ordered something to try that I am really excited about!!  It is supposed to be delivered this week!  I will write my next post when it arrives and let you guys in on it!!  No more of this month-and-half stuff.