Hey Guys!  Not a lot of time for chit-chat tonight, but I have a lot to share and recap ~ so I am taking a little break time to be chatty kathy right now, K?

First of all ~ A phenomenal weekend, as expected.

Friday I did cross some school tasks off the list and started on my house-cleaning list.  Wow, so phenomenal, huh??  But this was all in preparation for an amazing Saturday night with two of my very besties!

On Saturday morning, I woke up bright & early and started my day off right – cleaning and preparing for having people over.  During the week, the house is seriously covered by various items you would find in a classroom, such as textbooks, stickers, paperclips, markers, and piles upon piles of worksheets.  It felt great to straighten it all up and get it out of sight for the weekend…

After cleaning, I squeezed in an intense workout.  It was intense because I knew I did not have long before Ben & I had to go to the grocery store to buy goodies for the night.  I did 30 minutes of strength and 30 minutes of cardio.

This is me after my workout & before the store – Nope, no shower in between.  Yes, I am disgusting like that.

  Sept2010 005  


Here is Cassie, me, Rachel.  I knew it would be an awesome night with these two chicas. 

 Sept2010 010

 Sept2010 011

We started out at home, with pre-games such as beer pong and flippie cup with Ben & friends. 

Sept2010 007

Good times!  Following the bomb house party, Cassie, Rachel Ray, and I headed out for a night on the town.  We threw our hands up in the air & danced our fancy pants off until the bars closed @ 3:00.  Phenomenal.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I have taken a few workout pics this week to share with you because this has been a pretty great workout week for me, with the exception of Sunday of course! 

Sept2010 017

This was Monday’s workout ~ very intense.  Loved it.

 Sept2010 018

Also love the shirt, from my senior year of cheerleading  :)

I hardly ever workout in a T-Shirt ~ Do you have a favorite workout gear? or any recommendations?  Mine is coming!

Here is my Facebook status on Tuesday + comments / conversation:


Ann Feldmeyer

Ann Feldmeyer ‎5 miles in 40 ~ takes a little stress off this girl! But now time for school tasks :)


Blake Voges ‎8 Minute miles!!! not bad!! Think you can crank out a 22:30 5k!!???

Tuesday at 9:34pm 

Ann Feldmeyer My last one was 26 ~ so I’m going to answer your question with a no! Hope all is well, Blake!! :)

Tuesday at 9:58pm

Blake Voges if you can hold 8 minute miles for 5…. you should be able to hold 7:30 for 3!!! a little speed work and you would have it no prob!

Tuesday at 10:02pm

Ann Feldmeyer I think I will make it my new goal ~ I will keep you updated! Seriously


This conversation with Blake made me realize I don’t ever run for speed & never set speed goals for myself.  After this, I was pumped to run a 5K and see how quickly I could do it.  Wednesday after school, I tutored a boy from my class, then got right to it!  Results…

Sept2010 021

3 miles in 22:41 (!!!)

I was excited to tell Blake!


Ann Feldmeyer

Ann Feldmeyer Blake, this one is for you ~ Getting close, right?

** Summer **

Cassie Nolan likes this.

Blake Voges Shit, you got this no problem! In a race setting, you’ll be under 22:30 easy. Make 22:15 your goal!!

22 hours ago

Ann Feldmeyer Thanks for the motivation!! :)

I was pumped before and after this run.  I made sure to wear my favorite, most comfy running gear – Nike capris and my UnderArmour tank, which I purchased on clearance at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

 Sept2010 019

I must show you guys these capris.  I love them & I love the way they come all the way up to my belly button!!

 Sept2010 020

Maybe I’m a nerd like that ~ It is strange, but the older I get, the less wearing my pants up high seems bother me.  Does that sentence make sense??

Okay, enough chatty kathy ~ time for Check-In #3:

Again, no huge improvements.  I almost decided to wait until next week to post because there is such little progress to show you guys.  But then I changed my mind, because I think it’s so important to know what a long process losing weight / shaping up is.  It really takes times to do it the right way.  I am learning that the hard way as I speak…

 Sept2010 022 Sept2010 023  


Not much change in weight ~ hovering at 129.  I am hoping that maybe I am gaining some muscle in this process, which is keeping this scale number from decreasing quickly.  When I think about this, I think about something Cassie once told me.  It always sticks in my mind when these numbers are going nowhere — “The more muscular / athletic you become, the less the number on the scale matters.”  Not that I am oh so super muscular, but it does help to remember this.

Sept2010 026

128.4 – Negative .6 from last Thursday

I’m not pumped, but my body feels better and healthier & I am glad about this.  I said that last time, didn’t I?? Whatev…

Weekly Workout

Friday: REST


  • 30 min strength (Chalene Extreme)
  • 30 min Kickin’ Core cardio

Sun: REST / Sleep / Water  :(


  • 20 min Cardio Party Remix
  • 20 min Kickin’ Core cardio
  • 35 min INSANITY – Pure Cardio


  • 5 mile run / 40 minutes


  • 3 mile run / 22.41 minutes
  • Thanks Blake!!


  • 5 mile run / 46 minutes
  • Ice knees
  • Order knee braces  :(

Okay!  I knew I would be a chatty kathy!  I am not even done telling you all I wanted to, but have to cut this off and get some school tasks finished. 

I hope all is well for you guys!!  Thanks for checkin’ in!

“You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.” —Gatorade