Hey Guys ~ It’s been too long!  Glad to see people are still checking in, though.

I do apologize for being MIA.  And I do apologize in advance for a super-short post. 

Right now, my life = school = crazy. 

Last night, Ben & I made the three hour drive to southern Indiana from Indy.  I graded papers the whole time and continued when I got home.  I had all of my papers graded by 11:30 and then hit the sack…

KT and I got up semi-early today and headed to the high school track for 5 mile coverage ~ a mixture of running, lunges, power walking and bleacher climbing.  My legs will be sore tomorrow, I assure you.

Okay ~ as of today, this blog is becoming a means of accountability.  I have 11 months until I have to wear a wedding dress & that is huge motivation for me.  With school back in session, I do not have time to post every day – not at all.  I don’t have time to post meals and randomness.  But I will make it a point to check in with you guys once a week, to let you know how I am doing. 

Each week, I will post two pictures and my weight.  The first picture will be workout gear and the second will be swimsuit.  The swimsuit pic is mixture of two swimsuits I have ordered for my honeymoon (Yes, I am a nerd).  The honeymoon swimsuit is another major motivator. 

Even though today is Saturday ~ I think a good check-in day will be Wednesdays.  The pics below were taken on Thursday, so technically this check-in was 9/2, rather than today.  Along with pics & weight, I will try to post my weekly workout, from Wednesday to Wednesday for you.  Today is an exception, as I am posting from southern Indiana and I do not have my workout log with me.  Yes, exceptions already ~ Great.

So, this is me, being totally real with you, in an effort to help myself.  Not that I am not always totally real with you guys, but I never go so far as to post a picture of the scale with me on it (!!!) 

I just don’t care ~ I will look forward to my next post in hopes that I can show you guys a lower number.

Check-In: 9/2/2010





* Please ignore my face in the sweaty post-workout pic

* Nice spanks, huh? I wear these under my workout shorts!

* All pics taken on Thursday 9/2/2010


Well, there ya have it ~ Check-In #1 minus the weekly workout.  I probably won’t post again until next check-in, or perhaps on Monday, since I have the day off.  However, my Labor Day To-Do List is already approximately one mile long, complete with school tasks and house cleaning / organizing chores.  Is it weird that the second one really excites me??

I hope everyone is doing well ~ Miss you guys!  :)

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” -Michael Altshuler