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It feels absolutely amazing to cross wedding tasks off the Wedding To-Do List!!

This wedding planning has been more stressful than I thought, but we have finally set a date and location.  We thought we had accomplished this step already, but things fell through when we found out certain church rules that we were unaware of ~ to make a long story short…

July 23, 2011 is our special day…

* * * * * * * *

I left you with wedding dress shopping.  As you recall, I had a list of 8 boutiques… Here is what I have to say about visiting 8 boutiques in one day:

NOT POSSIBLE!!! No, No, Never, Never!

We visited two.  Yes, two.

The first one was called Bliss Bridal and it was amazing!  Abby, an employee of Bliss Bridal, was super helpful in trying on and picking out dresses she thought would look good on me.  After trying on at least 20, I narrowed it down to four ~ All of which Abby had picked out.  She helped me into and out of every single dress I put on and clamped me into them.

All the photos on this page are dresses I eliminated right away for various reasons.  I probably won’t reveal the four winners to anyone except for my mom, KT and Bev – who were all there with me. 

KT is my sis & Bev is my soon-to-be mother-in-law.

I want my wedding dress to be a surprise for everyone else.

Yes, at Bliss Bridal I narrowed it down to four dresses.  This means currently I have it narrowed down to five ~ because I am most definitely still considering my moms… I think that would be awesome!!

The second store we visited was a total let-down, especially after Awesome Abby at Bliss Bridal!  They were not helpful and did not seem to know much about their own dresses.  They did not share opinions or help me into dresses.  We spent roughly 30 minutes there.

Here are some pics from Bliss Bridal ~ of a few dresses that were eliminated rather quickly for various reasons…



^ Love the electrician clamps


^ Pinned, clamped, and clipped into this one

^ Some of the “try-on” dresses have been “well-loved”



^ Loved the back of this one


^ One of my favs: The Shorty

^ YES if I were having a destination wedding

We ended up spending about 3 hours in Bliss Boutique!  They were awesome and I recommend them to all future brides in the area!!

As I tried on dresses, I realized that I just want to pick a dress that I love and that Ben loves ~ I want to take his breath away when he sees me in it for the first time!



Here are a few of the various tasks I have crossed off my Wedding To-Do List:

  • Meet with Keith ~ wedding planner / florist
  • Reserve reception site
  • Pay for reception site
  • Pick out tentative meal plan
  • Reserve DJ
  • Pay DJ deposit
  • Finalize wedding party
  • Narrow bridesmaids dresses down to 10


This really feels great & I can finally breathe a small sigh of wedding relief

Tomorrow I have to manage the pool / instruct water aerobics, but I am still going to try to keep this wedding roll going & get a few more tasks crossed off the list…

* * * * * * * *

Other weekend happenings included, but were not limited to the following…

Boating with my family and Ben’s family on Saturday.  We did not get to stay as long as planned because of rain, but still a great time.  Lilly thought so, too!


^ Boating: Yes, Swimming: No

Saturday after boating on Lake Monroe, Ben & I went to KT’s apartment to go out for a night in Btown.  Ben’s brother, Blake, stayed also and the four of us had a great time!!

We started with cards & drinks at the apartment, then headed to the bars.  I drank vodka + diet coke the entire night.  It was great to be back on my college turf ~ but not nearly as crazy as it used to be!


^ Me & Benny


^ Blake and KT

We visited Sports second & while we were there, Blake got ICED by a random person! It was quite obviously because of his choice of shirt.



He deserves it!



Goodnight Y’all ~ Happy HumpDay tomorrow!