Hey Guys!  Made it to Indianapolis!!  Well, I actually made it here by 1:00 this afternoon, but I am just getting around to posting.  I am posting because I want to tell you why I am here!

Wedding dresses (!!!!!!!!)

I am more excited than I thought I would be!  I am not planning on finding the dress I will wear on my wedding day, I just need ideas.  I want to wear my mom’s wedding dress, but it needs some major changes on the top ~ unless long sleeves, high necks and capes are in style!!?

I have already taken the dress to a seamstress and it seems like the changes in my mind will be a piece of cake for her!  The dress fits perfectly, as far as the waist and the length.  It is in good shape – just a tad out of style!

* * * * * * * *

I started my day around 7:30 AM, packing for Indy:


^ I will be gone for 3 nights

^ I kept my packing super light!


^ The majority

^ My 2 favs: swimsuits + workout gear (!!!)

^ Ben & I are boating on Saturday with our fams!

As I was packing, I snapped this photo with the blog in mind:




I bought these cut-off jean shorts a while back to wear to a Kenney Chesney concert with cowboy boots. 

I didn’t think I would ever wear them again, but I recently busted them out and have actually been wearing them quite often.  They are from Hollister and they are size 9.  I never wear size 9, usually a 2 or 4, but in order for these shorts to fit me comfortably, I had to get a size 9. 

And it doesn’t bother me ~ Would it bother you?

When I noticed this number today, I just started thinking about how it really bothers some people to wear sizes bigger than they normally wear, even if it fits awesomely.  I know some people who just don’t like to buy sizes out of their “range” – Like they have a sort of “Size comfort zone” …

Some people would buy the clothes that fit more tightly, just because the number on the tag is smaller.  I have such a variety of sizes in my closet, from 0-9 ~ just depends on the store & brand. 

I don’t think either way of thinking is good or bad, I just think it is interesting.  It would be interesting to know if there are more who share my thinking, who don’t mind a variety of sizes, or if there are more who stand clear of sizes bigger than their norm.

Do you keep away from sizes that are bigger than your norm?? Or does it not bother you???

* * * * * * * * *

Well, I think my bed is calling my name. 

I have created a list of 8 wedding dress boutiques that I will be visiting tomorrow with Mom, KT, and Bev (Ben’s mom).  I am a little annoyed that many of the boutiques don’t open until 12!! Geez!

The camera battery is charging so I can go picture crazy tomorrow!!

Goodnight, Friends  :)