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I know we haven’t talked forever, but I love that some of you are still checking the page (!!!)

Summer is super busy for me.  I have turned my computer on, opened LW to blog, then decide I need to use my time wisely and get things done instead.  It seems to take forever for me to do a single post…

However, I did tell myself that I would update you guys before the end of June! 

I will share a few workouts & a few of my summer highlights with you… I have been snapping some pics with the intent of posting / blogging.

First of all, my number one workout partner is my sister KT.  I love love love working out with KT ~ She really pushes me!

No workout pics with KT, though…

When Ben came down to southern Indiana (my current place of residence – because I manage the city pool throughout the summer, but more on that later)… we went for a run together.

I loved it!  And I was proud of Ben, because he kept saying he was not a runner and would not be able to make it!



Nerd ^

We ran to the pool & back because I had to check on some chemicals down there…

About 3 miles in 28 minutes


The next pics are from the hottest run ever, last Wednesday.  We are having a crazy hot summer here in southern Indiana.  I thought I went early enough in the AM that it would not be so hot, but I was wrong (!!!)

It was a great run ~ I loved it! 

I am starting to love long + hot + sweaty + hilly runs…  During this one, my heart rate reached 196, which is the highest it has ever been!


^ 4.39 in 44 mins…

Just an example of how much KT pushes me:  KT and I ran nearly that same path on Friday morning before I left for Indy.  We did 4.5 in 40 minutes.  I was very pumped up about shaving minutes off ~ Thanks KT!

And a new-to-me workout: Turbo Kick!


Turbo Kick is an hour long cardio workout.  It is so much fun and it really gets me pumped up!!

3T is filled with arm exercises ~ I did these two DVDs together for my morning workout…


Awesome workout – I was so tired afterwards. I think the picture looks like I just lifted up my arms, too tired to flex or form any sort of pose.

So, just a few of my workouts from last week for you.  I have not done an Insanity workout for awhile.  I have really been in running / Turbo mode lately.  I have been really pleased with my summer workouts so far!!

On Monday and Wednesdays I get two workouts in because I teach water aerobics at the city pool in the evening. 

I was not aware how great of a workout I was actually getting, but I wore my Garmin and during the “shuffle” my HR was up to 189 (!!!)

Tiffany, KT, and I lead aerobics, so we do not get in the water for the workout.  I am going to do a post on it soon!

* * * * * *

And of course, I must update you on LILLY!

She went boating for the first time last weekend:


Lilly loved boating.  She did not love swimming.


Lilly and I have spent so much time together this summer.  I love getting to do that!  She is definitely my baby!!

* * * * *

Last night Ben & I had a wedding to go to ~ A friend from Purdue (Ben –> PU).  It was at the Indianapolis Zoo…

Beautiful Mr. & Mrs.





Perhaps a little too much fun ???

* * * * *

I am blogging from Ben’s computer today, so do not have access to all my summer pics ~ I have a lot more I want to show you guys, though!

I have no foodie pics, but I am doing well at home as far as the sweet treast are concerned!! 

I was really nervous about going home for summer because I always always gain lbs when I do.  My mom always has a million sweet treats…

I have one every once in awhile, but have not been overindulging like I usually do when I go home and have actually dropped a few lbs (!!) No major changes, though…


* * * * *

More updates to come + a post on water aerobics.  Summer is going WAYYYY too fast and I am really trying to use every second wisely!!

Enjoy your day!  :)