Hey Guys!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!

I am still under my carbie limit (30-40g) for today ~ but that could quite easily change after dinner.

This morning I ate 2 turkey slices for breakfast –>

Perfect = 0 carbs

When I got to school, however, the student council had a breakfast for the teachers to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day.  I joined the other teachers for breakfast in the cafeteria and was greeted by these choices: FRUIT or DONUT (CARBS or MORE CARBS) Hmm ?

I had a cup of fruit.  Fruit is amazing ~ carbs or not.  18g to be exact…



LUNCH @ the desk…

Blog City 001

^ 1 can of green beanies + 4 turkey slices + pepperoni

Also, I stopped to get gas this morning and picked up this:

Blog City 002

^ Beef Jerky ~ Perfect snack!

The plan was to snack on this bag for the next three days with my lunches…

Plan = Fail

I ate the entire bag today – 230 cals, 9g carbs


The Workout (with facials)

Tuesday’s plan includes 50 minutes of cardio + Abs.

Turbos of choice for today:


Cardio Remix 30 minutes



Fat Blaster 20 minutes

I was pumped about Turbo today –> pumped = facials

Yes ~Often while Turbo Jamming, I catch myself doing facials

For those of you who do not know, facials are those lively expressions on the face of the cheerleader during a performance that make her look like an idiot often impress the judges and make cheerleader appear to be having the time of her life even if she is nervous / scared / about to die.

After my workout I tried to capture myself doing a few of said facials so you all can see just how stupid lively I look…


^ If TJam had judges, they would be impressed, right?

I am the biggest nerd – but apparently still acheerleader at heart.

But really ~ I do find myself doing facials during a Jam Session and they really do pump me up.  Maybe you think that is ridiculous ~ But I bet if you were ever a cheerleader, you can relate.

Fellow cheerleaders – Do you ever get so into the workout that you find yourself doing facials? Does it pump you up? (!!!) Don’t lie!


I tried to intensify Turbo Jam Fat Blaster by using extra weights along with the weighted hand gloves.

Blog City 010

^ The pink weight is a 2 pounder

^ I believe the weighted hand glove is 1.5 (?)

I have also starting changing-up some of the Turbo moves and replacing them with Insanity moves.

For example, rather than jumping rope I do the mountain climber.

I also intensified the Fat Blaster workout by shortening my recovery time.  The DVD gives 1:30-2 minutes for recovery, I gave myself 30 seconds and then hit the skip button on the remote to get to the next Turbo.

Overall ~ Great cardio workout!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Look what I have to look forward to in my free time:

Blog City 012       

^ I am so behind on the mag reading…

They just keep piling up:

  • Shape
  • Real Simple
  • Brides (from Mim)
  • Real Simple
  • Fitness

Doesn’t that sound like fun?? I hope to delve in tonight!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I also want to say congrats to my sister KT!

She ran her first half-marathon this past weekend!!

The Indy Mini 

She ran it in 2 hrs and 3 minutes

CONGRATS KT!! Awesome Job!

I don’t know if she was more pumped or if I was!!! A new goal of mine is to join her next year.  We are already excited!


Time for dinner and then off to spend some QT with Ben, Lil, and the mags!! 

Enjoy your evening, Friends!  :)