Hey Kids!  Happy Monday!!

The Low-Carb-Summer-Non-Diet-Plan began today

Day #1 is going well! (Doesn’t it always?)


X Nada

I know ~ This is a major nutritional no-no!


11:35 Lunch

1 can green beanies + 15 pepperonis

 Blog City 001

^ 6 grams carbies


I’m working on some cute book marks for my kiddos:

 Blog City 002

 Blog City 003

I am definitely going to miss my kids.  I cannot believe there are only two more weeks of school left ~ I have mixed feelings about this. 


In my new plan Mondays include only 25 minutes of cardio.  This was hard for me, but I made myself get off the tready at a little over 25 minutes.  I told myself that I have to go do some liftin’ and then if I still need more cardio in my life, I could do it.

Blog City 007

I ran (with a teeny bit of walking intervals) 2.5 miles

I had major bursts of energy during my run, but tried to keep it in intervals, bringing my heart rate up and down constantly.

Then I hit the weights for a good 25-30 minutes.  My arms are shaky as I type! I can tell my mascles will be sore tomorrow!!

After liftin’ ~ I still had some cardio left in me.  I set a goal: Burn 180 cals in 15 minutes on the elliptical.

Task complete with 40 seconds to spare :)



 Blog City 005

 Blog City 006

I am not very knowledgeable in the department of protein shakes.  I chose this one because of the carb control.  Ben said the protein he drinks after his workout has 60 grams of protein per serving ~ which blows my 17 grams away. 

This French Vanilla EDGE shake had:

  • 1g carbs
  • 110 cals
  • 3g fat
  • 17g protein

Any helpful advice about protein shakes??  What is a good gram count per serving after each workout? What are the n. facts of your protein shakes??

I realized that I am constantly asking you guys for advice rather than giving it to you ~ Thanks!



So delish!!

Blog City 008

^ I snacked on more Turkey Pepperoni while I cooked (0 carb)

^ I decided Pepperoni would be a better choice than my arm


Blog City 010

^ EggBeaters + Peppers (3 carb)

^ FF shredded cheese added later (2 carb)


Blog City 011

^ Tortilla ~ whole-wheat / low-carb (3 carb)

^ and some homemade salsa from mom

Blog City 009

^ Ben made nachos for dinner, which included lean ground turkey

^ I had a small bowlful of the turkey and added this spice

^ Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle + Turkey (0 carb)


Blog City 013     

^ Final product = Superb dinner! (10 carbs)

^ I had a small side of broccoli (2c)


This dinner really hit the spot!!  I am currently contemplating some dessert, but it does not even really sound good.  Maybe all those schmoe brownies are still in my system. 

I am going to hang out with Ben, Lil, & Rach tonight. 

I didn’t even bring my school bag home ~ which is SO hard for me to do.  I am so afraid of not bringing it home with me, but tonight I was fine leaving it at school because I graded papers, entered grades, and handed those papers back like it was my job today (Ha – it is).

Day #1 – Check.

Night Guys!  :)