Hey Guys!  Hope you enjoyed your weekend! 

I traveled home to southern Indiana with Lil for some

Mother’s Day festivities…


Blog City 003 

^ Dinner with Aunt Dede, Nannie, Mom, Aunt Jenny & fams

^ What a fun night!! I love getting together with family!

Blog City 002

^ On the way to din @ The Schnitzelbank

^ Saturday night…

At The Schnitzelbank I ate:

  • teeny salad
  • teeny bowl of chicken ribble soup
  • celery sticks / carrot sticks / pickle
  • jello + pineapple


What? I went out to dinner and that is all I ate!??

YES ~ because before dinner I ate…

…approximately four of these babies (!!!!)

S’more Brownies ~ made by my Aunt Dede

Before dinner we all gathered at Nannie’s house for some cleaning and outdoor yard work.  That is where I was introduced to the delicious, hot schmoe brownies.  Wow ~ I couldn’t stop!!

They were delish, but I definitely overindulged.  I really over-did it, made myself sick, and could not even enjoy dinner.

Lesson learned… (for now).



Blog City 010

^ Lilly & Mom: Mother’s Day playtime!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Grocery time!!

Items purchased today were not the usual:


Blog City 018

Blog City 014 Blog City 015

Blog City 016 Blog City 017

Just a few of the items I purchased today in preparation for my Summer Prep Plan, which starts tomorrow. 

I suppose “summer prep plan” = “diet”

I think I have just learned to dislike that word…

I don’t like the word diet and don’t like considering myself a dieter. However, the guidelines for my new summer plan that you see below do refer to me as a dieter ~ so maybe I am now ??  Whatev.


Point: I am totally getting off track lately.  I was doing great, making so much progress, feeling like I was in great shape!  I am not sure how to explain it, but basically I feel like I am now regressing instead of progressing in the area of body / muscle / weight etc… 

Servings of 4 brownies or 6 cookies at a time – that’s not going to cut it, friends.

My body needs a new plan, something newvand crazy to be motivated and excited about.

Some Motivation ~ SB 06







^ SB 2006 –> sophomore year of college w/ BF Erin

Erin & I were super-motivated before this trip ~ we worked our butts out and dieted in preparation for the beach.

Diet of choice – (I cannot believe I am telling you guys this) Atkins.

I’m not sure why we chose Atkins, but cutting carbs really seemed to work for both of us.  I have heard it is nutritionally not a wonderful idea ~ but guys, I think I am going to give it another go. 

I tried this not long ago and it was a major fail.  I am hoping to NOT repeat that.  I want to make it work and hope you guys will help me.  I am going to use my blog for accountability purposes. 

If it fails, you guys will be the first to know…

(*) The pics of Erin and I were taken by a photographer @ the beach.  He was supposed to send us a CD of all the pics he took that day – but not surprisingly we never got it, so I found the pics on his website.  That should explain the “istock” for you…

Anyway, here are some rules of the first phase of Atkins I found online:

Induction Phase Rules

  1. No more than 20 grams each day in the first two weeks, if such is the case (some dieters have to undertake this phase for more than 14 days – no more than six weeks at maximum). Scanning the labels in order to find out the hidden carbs is suggested.
  2. Eating three main meals a day or 4 to 5 small meals, to achieve satiety.  Atkins suggests eating well, but not until stuffed.
  3. Forgetting potatoes, pasta, fruits, bread, dairy products (except aged-cheese), sugarStarchy-vegetables and foods are out of the question.
  4. Cutting off tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol.  Instead, eight glasses of water are just fine to avoid constipation and to facilitate the elimination of substances resulting from burning fats.
  5. Taking control of the amounts of foods suited for each person. Those following Atkins diet plan are the only ones in charge of their appetite.  When hungry, dieters can eat what is listed on Acceptable foods list.  When not hungry, they should eat just a small controlled carbohydrate snack.
  6. Introducing artificial sweeteners.
  7. Staying away of products labeled as “diet products”.  Checking is the best thing to do in order to avoid eating some insidious carbs.
  8. Avoiding chewing gum, cough tablets and other products passing for foods, because they surely include sugar and caloric sweeteners.  An Atkins dieter most probably doesn’t need them.
  9. Declining prepared salads on bars and deli counters.
  10. Managing daily vitamins and minerals according to Atkins diet program.


I am not sure yet, how closely I will follow these rules.  But I am going to use them as guidelines for my plan.

Besides lowering my carb intake ~ I am going to be sure to workout every day, with only one rest day / week.  I was doing this for awhile, but have definitely been slacking lately – only running 2 or 3 times a week.  I need to get pumped up about workouts!!


Have you ever tried low carb diets?  Or just lowering carb intake??  Did it work?  Thoughts / words of wisdom??

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Alright, it is getting late and I still have a lot to do:

  • unpack bags
  • pack gym bag for tomorrow
  • gather school gear
  • finish / organize my summer plan


Enjoy Sunday night ~ Have a productive Monday!  :)