Good Morning!  Up early with Lil this morn…

Actually, I was the one that couldn’t sleep ~ I woke Lilly up!!

As far as yesterday’s eats, I only posted…

Breakfast, which was…

Blog City 006

^ Clif Kid’s Honey Graham

After a lot of cleaning and 54 minutes of Insanity, I had a late…

Lunch, around 3:00…

Blog City 043

^ Asian-style veggies + Goldfish

I kept putting lunch off because I just wanted to keep cleaning & crossing things off my huge list, but eventually I started feeling sick.  After that workout, I definitely needed some food in mah’ belly!

These veggies were quick and easy ~ but only lasted a couple hours, then I was hungry again…

Lunch #2, around 5:00…

Blog City 048

Blog City 047

^ Wrap = Yum!! + Goldfish

The wrap included:

  • lettuce
  • fat free ranch
  • fat free cheese shreds
  • mom’s salsa

After eating this – it was time to shower and get ready for dinner!!  Lots of food in the second half of my day!!

Ben was in the mood for wings, so ended up having…

Dinner at B-Dubbs:


We started with drinks ~ I had vodka and Diet Coke…

Then an appetizer:


^ chips and salsa ~ Yum!!

blackened chicken salad

^ Grilled chicken salad ~ As recommended by KT!

It was delish & I ate every single bite!

I ended up having four vodka + diets by the end of the night.  However, they were not very strong at all – which I am really glad about as I wake up this morning!!

(*) These B-Dubbs pics were pulled off the internet ~ I am back to being too nervous to snap pics of food when we are out.


Dessert for my sweet tooth…

Blog City 006

^ Yum ~ Perfect dessert!

When we got home, I had a Clif Kid’s Z Bar for my sweet tooth. 

Do you eat Clif Kid’s Bars??  Am I the only one that loves them this much??  If you eat them, which flavor is your favorite?

There you have it: eats from yesterday –> we are now up-to-date with eats/treats.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pics ~ On Ben’s Birthday


2009 and 2010

Not huge noticeable differences ~ but I can see / feel progress when I compare these two pics!  :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

More cleaning / workout / errands with Ben ~ all in store for today.

I hope to have a busy & productive Saturday!!

Enjoy your Saturday!!    :)