Hey Kids ~ This will be a snappy post.  I should be grading papers!

A food / workout recap for ya’all ya’ll y’all (?)

Breakfast was random…

Blog City 016

^ Raisins + Mini Clif Bar (on the go)

Oh PS: Speaking of Clif Bars ~ if you’ve ever read the back of a Clif Kid’s Bar, you know a bit about Kit & Gary and their story.  I emailed them to let them know how much I love the new Schmoes flavor – and then received this in the mail:

^ Thanks Kit & Gary

^ I gave these to KT ~ I felt like she would appreciate them

^ KT = my sister / college student  :)


Lunch was super-quick because of recess duty…

Blog City 019

^ Goldfishies

^ Veggies + Green Beans

^ Vegetable Egg Roll

Workout was totally different than planned…

I sent Cassie a text today and told her that I was going to concentrate on weight lifting during my workout.  I told her I was telling her for accountability purposes.  You see, this actually often works… 

For example, I used to text Cassie when I was going home to southern Indiana and promise her I would not eat a lot of cookies or treats my mom has made ~ And then I wouldn’t!!  It is something about telling Cassie that holds me accountable… ??

But not today…

  • 1 mile walk with Lilly (some sprinting involved)
  • 25 minutes Turbo Jam Cardio Party Mix 3
  • 35 minutes INSANITY – Cardio Power and Resistance
  • 10 minutes Ab Jam


TJ2    vlcsnap-2009-11-19-08h05m41s245   TJ3

^ Weight lifting ?? Nada…

I need a plan – like concentrating on certain mascles on certain days and using other days for cardio.  Do you have a weekly workout plan??  Do you stick to it always ??   Words of wisdom?

Bad News:  Zero weight training today

Good News:  I think I am very close to attempting the Month 2 DVDs of Insanity

I never thought that news would come!! But pumped up for the challenge!

Dinner was delish tonight! 

Rach made noodles + alfredo + grilled chicken ~ I wish I would have snapped a pic!

I opted to make whole wheat noodles and mixed them with broccoli and added a little bit of sauce / chicken to the top.  It was so delish, I had two helpings!! 

GRRRR for not taking a picture!!

Lilly being silly…

Blog City 020

^ Gosh, I love her so much!

I cannot believe tomorrow is Thursday already ~ Ben’s birthday!!!  :) 

Goodnight Guys!