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Hey Guys!  A few funny things to share + our important wedding decision!!!

First of all ~ This weekend we finally made a single big wedding decision:

Blog City 002

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We visited Bloomington Country Club and decided it was the perfect place for our wedding reception!  We loved the wedding coordinator, the looks of it, and we all thought the food was delish!! 

And we reserved July 16, 2011 ~ That’s the day!!  :)

* * * * * * * * * * *

Check out the e-mail I sent Ben at the end of the day today, regarding my workout:

^ … going to the gym, but may just be doing a lot of weight liftin’


I always e-mail Ben and Rach (BFF / Roomy) throughout my school day ~ just to see what their plans are after school and such.  I complained multiple times to both of them today about how tired I felt. 

I told Ben I would not be doing any cardio at the gym today ~ if I even made it to the gym.  I told him I would just do some arm machines and lift some weights, because my bod was not in cardio mode…

Well, I made it to the gym ~ and apparently I was in cardio mode:

Blog City 024

^ 9.33 miles –> 94 minutes (!!!)

This includes a bit of walking, but not much.  I have to stop and walk to get drinks of water and to wipe my sweaty body off because I cannot stand it ~ air conditioner anyone ??? 

I drank an entire nathanful while running this and still feel like a thirst-a-saurus.

Anyway – I did not lift a single weight while at the gym.  I told you: my plan I create for the gym always changes.

PS:  Yes, my knee hates me – It hated me by mile 5 tonight.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Finally, please check out the e-mail I just received:

^ This definitely makes me smile 

Time for dinner!  Will catch you up on eats / treats soon!!

Happy Monday   :)