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Hey Y’all ~ Since it’s been a few days, I will get right down to business.

This morning’s workout:

Blog City 047 

^ Pretty good timing on today’s run, but…

AWESOME timing considering the insane workout that preceded this run (!!!)

Okay, I just now (after typing that sentence) realized the pic I took does not even show my time.  Nice.

3.38 miles –> 31 minutes

Anyway, back to said workout:

TJ1   weightedgloves_lg

^ I started with TJ Cardio Party Remix with weighted hand gloves

^ I got 7 minutes into the workout and decided it was not insane enough


^ I was pumped up and ready for Insanity ~ Plyo Cardio Circuit

I set my camera up to snap some pics of the workout.  They did not turn out very well, but I guess that is what happens when there is no human behind the camera…

Blog City 038 

^ Stretching after the warm-up

^ Yes, Lilly runs around me while I workout

Blog City 039

^ Already sweatin’ from the warm-up

* I consider the warm-up a great workout in itself!


^ Ski Abs

^ Basketball Drills


^ Punches –> Almost Done! –> Dying!

It is an awesome feeling to finish one of these babies!  However, I am incerdibly p’oed upset about my Garmin.  It still will not count calories for a General workout, only when it is in Run mode.  GRRRR!!!

I think after I finish this post I will be making a phone call to get some help.  I would love to know how many cals were burned during this 40 min intense workout.

Following the workout, I decided a cool-down mile run sounded nice.  But it turned into 3 miles ~ which is great.  My knee is donezo for today.

Saturday’s Workout:

  • 10 minutes Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix
  • 40 minutes Insanity: Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • 30 minutes / 3.3 mile run

During this cardiofest I gulped down two Nathanfuls of water…

Blog City 049

^ Perfect

* * * * * * * * * *

When I left you ~ last Wednesday, I was pumped about the dessert I was about to eat!

Check out what Ben picked up:

Blog City 003

^ Yum! Strawberries!


Blog City 001

^ Raisins and Cereal in huge Costco-size boxes


Blog City 001

^ Blackberries


Blog City 004

Blog City 005

^ Delish

It was worth being excited about, right ??

* * * * * * * * * *

On Thursday night, my cousin Jenna was in town for school things.  She goes to Logan Chiropractic in St. Louey, so I don’t get to see her often.  It was great to get to visit & catch up with her ~ and Lilly loved it, too…

…because her cousin Harley came with Jenna.

Lilly loved the puppy playtime!

Blog City 017

^ Cousin: Harley Joseph

Blog City 011

Blog City 019

^ Freats (!!!!!!!)

Blog City 018

Blog City 020

^ Baby Lil

After Harley left our house, Lilly just walked around with a toy in her mouth and cried.  I think she missed cousin Harley!!

Okay ~ Enough puppy pics! I love dogs!  :)

* * * * * * * * * *

I took a lot more pics I wanted to share, but it is time to start getting ready.  Ben and I are taking care of some wedding business tonight ~ which requires meeting the fam in Btown.  Finally making some wedding decisions ~ hopefully!

Talk to you guys later!!  Enjoy the weekend!  :)