Hey Guys ~ Happy Humpday!!

Here is why I love teaching and why it really is such a rewarding career…

This e-mail really brightened my morning  


Wednesday’s Eats / Treats / Workout:

Breakfast was (once again) exactly like yesterday –> no pic

Lunch was leftover from last night’s dinner…

All 192

^ Salad (atop some delicious grades) / Wasa cracker / Goldfish

All 194

^ Wasa cracker + Laughing Cow spread cheese cube

All 195

^ Wasa: post-spread

* * * * * * * * * *

After school today, I came home to clean.  We have a special visitor coming tomorrow from St. Louey and I just needed to do some straightening up before her arrival!  While I cleaned, I snacked!!  For some reason I had a huge appetite after school & a DMD sounded just awesome!!

DMD = Diet Dew

Snack mixture…

All 199

^ Baked Lays, Chex Mix, & Goldfish

After snacking / cleaning & cleaning some more, I was ready for a workout!



I really really really wanted to run today, but Ben talked me out of it – because of my stupid knee.  I decided to workout with Chalene and Shaun T.  Always guaranteed a great workout from these two… 

Check out these workout stats:

All 200

^ Wow! 43 minutes of Turbo / Insanity and I burned 0 cals! Sweet!

I am not sure what is going on, but obviously I still have some things to work out with the Garmin.  It counts my cals when I run, but not when I do a general workout.  I am puzzled.  Does it count cals using the HRM??  Any advice on these things ?


Dinner was small…

…because I was not that hungry

All 202

^ I started out with an Eggbeater Slimwich in mind…

^ Then decided no Slimwich, just Eggbeater

^ Then decided half an Eggbeater omelet would do

^ 1/2 Eggbeater omelet with 1/2 slice FF cheese + salsa

All 205

^ I also had a side of broccoli with a sprinkle of soy sauce

“Excuse me Mr. Tanner, you have a little soy sauce on your lip”

Every time we have soy sauce I think of that line ~ Full House fans out there??

All 203

^ I packed up the other half for lunch tomorrow…

* * * * * * * * * *


And look what came in the mail today (!!!)


I automatically thought of Tina as soon as I saw this magazine ~ does that mean I’m too into CNC ??  Seriously?

All 201

I am excited about delving into this mag!  Not sure when I will get the chance.

I am off to work on lesson plans for next week, do a bit more cleaning, and also going to enjoy an awesome dessert (!!!)  Ben picked up a surprise at the store today and I have been looking forward to it all night!  I will share tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is Thursday  :)   :)   Goodnight!