Hey Guys!  Hope your Tuesday is going well. 

Another food recap for today:

Breakfast was exactly the same as yesterday – so no pic for you…

I did snap a pic of those new 90 cal Sandwich Thins I told you about:

Blog City 026

^ Excuse me, I mean Slimwiches

Blog City 027

^ They are even bigger / thicker than the others

Blog City 028

^ n. facts

^ Overall, I am very pleased ~ Thanks Aunt Millie

Lunch was also very similar to yesterday…

Blog City 009

^ …except I packed a tiny dish of Chex Mix (!!!)

(!!!) = Chex Mix is one of my fav snacks!

Blog City 010

^ Tons of veggies

Blog City 011

^ Other half of last night’s yog + blackberries

^ Followed by an undocumented Clif Kid’s Honey Graham Bar


Today I pulled into the gym parking lot, but did not park my car.  I changed my mind about the gymmie thing right away.  I just felt like I wanted / needed to be outside ~ this weather is awesome!! 

I went straight through the parking lot, headed home, and…

Blog City 013

The first mile was a walk with Rach (BFF / Roomie) and Lilly

After the walk, Lil and Rach headed home and I continued my run.  I love running outside in this awesome weather – it really pumps me up.  I did not want to stop running ~ but I should have stopped much sooner than I did. 

My knee was starting to kill bother me and I believe mile 3 would have been an appropriate stopping point.  By the end, even though I wanted to keep going & was feeling great, my knee felt like it could buckle at any corner…

(it hurts worst when I slow down to turn a corner).

Ben says I better be careful with my knee ~ He is right and tomorrow = no running!

It was a nice run, I did not worry about speed –> didn’t even wear my HRM.


We bought a huge package of lettuce at Costco, so it will be incorporated into many dinners / lunches this week.  Tonight we went with taco salad – it is one of Ben’s favorites…

Some TS ingredients:

Blog City 017

^ Check out the box of Goldfish – I love them, can you tell ??

Blog City 018

Blog City 019

^ Do you believe in Fishful Thinking ??

Okay, enough Goldfish!!

Blog City 020

^ Also, fat free KRAFT cheddar shreds

* Lauren, I just thought of you when I said shreds


 Blog City 021

^ And a new salsa I have been enjoying ~ Yum

 Blog City 022

^ n. facts

Blog City 023

^ final product, which includes:

  • lettuce
  • FF Kraft cheddar shreds
  • FF Parmesan cheese
  • FF Ranch
  • a bit of ground turkey
  • salsa
  • Goldfish

I did not time myself, but I ate this thing super fast ~ seven minutes max.


Opened a new jar of PB tonight ~ that’s always exciting, right ?

Blog City 025

^ (Lots of) Ants on a Log

^ I have been craving this snack ever since I saw it on CNC weeks ago!


Lilly is checking out her brand new puppy life-jacket for summer

Blog City 015

Blog City 016

^ I think she likes it!!

Have a Happy Humpday ~ Cannot believe it’s already Wednesday, can you ??

Goodnight!!  :)