Hey Guys ~ Took my camera with me today & snapped pics of all eats! 

I plan to stay on top of this blogging thing wayyy better than I have been!!

Better than I have been = Should not be hard   :)

Dessert from last night …

Blog City 001

^ Check out all these blackberries!  I picked them up at Costco yesterday ~ They cost as much as the little teeny box I usually buy at Marsh, which is about 1/6 of this box.  

^ Deee-lish!!

Blog City 005

^ Yes, I have tried Greek yogurt.  Yes, I know it is the healthier option. 

I just do not like it.  I am going to try it again eventually, but for now I am sticking to the Yoplait deal.  I used half of this jar…

Blog City 003

^ The cereal is Kashi ~ Yum!

Breakfast this morn …

Blog City 007

^ Sandwich Thin + spray butter + Full Circle organic strawberry jam

(I found a new 90 cal Sandwich Thin – which means the half above is only 45 cals!!! I will try to snap a pic of the bag next time)


Lunch at my desk …

Blog City 008

^ I quickly scattered everything from lunchbox to desk

Blog City 009

^ Sonoma Jacks cheese wedgie

(I liked these n. facts better than Laughing Cow wedgies)

Blog City 010

^ Lunch is organized & prepared

^ Wasa wheat cracker – I found them in my cabinet and they need to be eaten

Blog City 011

^ Teeny bowl of blackberries / yog / cereal

Blog City 012

^ This was supposed to be my prep time snack

^ It was the end of my lunch instead ~ yum, yum, yum

This lunch did not look like a lot when I packed it last night, but I was so full afterwards.  And I remained full throughout the day – even during prep when I am normally hungry again!  Maybe it was the Clif Bar ?? Or all those veggies!

My hands stayed out of the candy jar today, too – by the way…

* * * * * * * * * *

I was super-productive at school today.  I graded tons of papers, entered them into my grade book, and passed them back to students.  Feels really great to get huge piles of papers out of my life…

After school I packed up and headed straight to the gym. 

Today’s gymmie thing:

  • Treadmill – 40 minutes
    • Incline 1.5 / Speed 6.5
    • Intervals of Incline 7.5 / Speed 7.7
    • HR: 160 – 188
  • Elliptical – 10 minutes
    • Gluteal program
    • HR: 160 – 175
  • Bike – 15 minutes
    • First time using this machine
    • No clue what I was doing
    • Surprised by how few calories were burned
    • Legs are already sore

Do you ever use the bike at the gym ??  Any words of advice / wisdom before I try again ?


Dinner tonight …

Blog City 013

^ Lettuce Wraps – found these at Costco yesterday

Blog City 017

^ Quick facts

Blog City 018

^ Ingredients: chicken, rice, lettuce

^ I never thought these things would fill me up (for some reason)…

Blog City 019

^ … so I made a side of broccoli to go with

Blog City 020

^ Lettuce Wrap – I ate five of these little things = Stuffed!

I am happy to be back in the world of blogging!  :)

I am going to do a little research on bike machines and calories burned.  I remember hearing that biking & swimming burned more calories than anything else, but it just did not seem like that today – watching the stats on the bike.  Maybe it is because I had no clue what I was doing…

I will let you know what I find.  And you let me know any information you know about the bike!  Is it a good workout ??

Have a good evening, Friends!!!   :)

PS: I did update my Progress page ~ no new pics yet, though.  The pics are new to that specific page, but have all been in previous posts.

** And by Progress page, I mean Results page