Told ya we would be back!  :)

I suppose there is not really a quick way to explain my hiatus – but I am going to try to make it snappy…

Basically I needed a break ~ so I took it.  Simple I guess ??  I had a lot going on at school this past week.  A lot of things that required my evening hours ~ such as Grandparents Day, where the students brought their grandmas and grandpas and mamas and papas and nannies to school on Thursday evening for a tour of our classroom and the school building. 

Not only have I taken a break from blogging, but also from working out & even from my usual eating habits.

My last workout was Tuesday evening.  That means four workout-free days.  I just sat here and counted the days on my fingers – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  Gosh, it seemed like so many more than four days – It felt like at least ten.  But I think I had multiple days off before my Tuesday workout as well.

On my four days off of working out – and for the past week or so, I have really tried to focus on spending time with Ben, my family, and Lil.  I focused on school and staying on top of grading papers and entering grades into my online grade book – like really on top of it.  Each time I thought of sitting down to write a post, I asked myself Is there not something more important I should be doing now ??

Do not get me wrong ~ I love blogs!!  and I know they are important

I think that because I had less time than I was used to having, rather than use my bit of time to write a post, I decided to do things like take Lilly for a walk with Ben or grade a few piles of papers.  These things are important and they made me feel good about myself, in a different way than working out makes me feel good.

Incase you have not noticed yet (because I think even I just now noticed), I only blog when I have great days or great workouts to tell you guys about or when I am in super awesome moods.  I don’t really do this on purpose, like because I want you to think I only have good days and awesome workouts all the time…

I guess for me a good mood = a blog mood.  But I know everyone has off days / bad days / different days – what have you…  And they deserve to be and need to be blogged about as well ~ Because no one is perfect.

Lately I have reverted back to my old ways – and by lately, I mean Friday.

For example, if I would have blogged what I ate on Friday, it would have looked something like this:

First of all, I hit my classroom candy jar a million times throughout the day.



I cannot even tell you numbers at this point – tons of Skittles & Starbursts

Followed by…




I am not even kidding!

Mom and Dad came up on Friday and watched me teach my last class of the day.  Then we did a bit of shopping and planned on having a late dinner at Rick’s Boatyard Cafe ~ so when I got home, while chatting and visiting with Mom, Dad, and Ben, I decided to have a chocolate chip cookie that Mom baked…

After having one, it was like I just couldn’t stop!  They tasted awesome!  It has been awhile since I ate chocolate cookies for several minutes non-stop.  I think I ended up eating seven total – all before dinner.  Ehh…

At dinner, I ordered a grilled veggie pizza – can you believe that I could not hardly eat any of it ??  Wow, I wonder why ??!

I ate one piece – which was very tiny.  Plus I tasted some of Mom’s pasta dish. 

I was stuffed & uncomfortable  :(

But that did not stop me from sharing a late-night dessert with dad at home after dinner…


^ Girl Scout Cookie ice cream –> Holy Sweet Yum

So yah – Friday evening eats were yummy but horrible, so good & so bad. 

I am glad that is over and out of my system.  I decided not to dwell on it and get myself all worked up and in a bad mood.  I decided to look forward to my next awesome workout and get pumped up about my next healthy meal.

I never used to be able to move on without feeling so angry with guilt.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am excited to be back on track (*) and excited about how productive my Sunday Funday has been. 

Yesterday we got up super early for the Komen Race for the Cure ~ so today we slept in until 8:15 or so, then got right to work!  We had lots of errands to run before anything else.  Check out the trunk after our three hours of errands:

Blog City 004

Look at the cute green bag from Target, in honor of Earth Day – April 22:

Blog City 005

In that entire trunk-full, I have two favorite items. 

Fav Item #1: Doggie life-vest we bought for Lilly ~ because she can’t wait to go boating with my fam this summer!!

Fav Item #2: Clif Kids Bars – new flavor (!!!!!!)


Blog City 006

Schmoes – I could not wait to taste these babies!

I had one for an afternoon snack and this could be my new favorite flavor  :)

Amidst all of the productivity / cleaning / yard work / Lilly – I did manage to go for a quick run.  I was pretty happy with the stats, considering I have been out of workout mode for a few days.  I ran around the neighborhood today…

 3.08 miles in 27 minutes…

Blog City 013

I loved running today and questioned myself for taking days off from something that makes me feel so awesome, but whatev.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dinner  tonight was amazing, friends! 

Blog City 014

Ben and I grilled veggies – which I have never done before.  They were awesome, even better than my recent love for roasted veggies.  I do not even have words to express this one.  An amazing side to our grilled chicken.

Blog City 015

Blog City 017

New. Fav. Din.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am not sure how to sum up this post. 

(*) I am ready to get back to regularly-scheduled workouts, but I cannot necessarily say I have been off trackwith the exception of Friday.  I suppose I sort-of took a new approach to life this past week, with fewer workouts & more calories – but also more time dedicated to Ben, Lil, fam, and school…

I enjoyed that time spent with my favs ~ but feel like I have probably gained 100 some lbs.  I am not allowing myself to step on the scale until Wednesday ~ giving Friday’s eats and treats time to taper off & and time to get a few workouts in.  If I step on now, I know I will be disappointed in myself even more than I already am.  I might even ask Ben to hide it from me ??

Glad to be back ~ Thanks for the messages while I was gone  :)

Enjoy Sunday evening!!

Qs for U:


1)  How do you handle those days that are different from your norm, especially when you have a lot of them in a row?  Does it throw you off ??  Does change in routine change your mood ??

2) How often do you weigh yourself ??