It has been SO long!!

I believe that is exactly how I started my previous post.  What is my deal??

I left you guys last week at some point – before heading home for Easter weekend.  I went home Thursday so that my weekend would seem longer. 

I loved Easter weekend for so many reasons!!  :)

This post will not be super long ~ but just wanted to update you on my two Ws: weekend & workouts (and my non-workouts)

I have had some great workouts and also taken some days off for various reasons which you will learn about soon!

I got a great run in Friday morning.  I ran my 4.5 mile path through Huntingburg in 43:36.  This is an awesome time because my knee was killing me.  I was thinking about stopping when I was only into mile one. 

But I kept chugging along to finish the 4.5 miles back to home <—- My friends, it is because of stupid decisions such as this one that I took two days off of working out and have been on elliptical ever since.  My. Knee. Sucks.


^ Friday’s Run


^ Thursday Run + Friday Run + 1 mile of walking Lil

* * * * * * * * *

After Friday’s run, I tried to be super productive and spend time visiting grandparents and hanging out with my mom and dad because…

Friday night all madness began!

I had an awesome night out with some besties that I have not seen forever!!  What could be better ???

Yes ~ I got to see my Cassie!  Perfect…


^ Me and Cass


^ Sara Jo and I


^ Me and Alia

We all danced our fancy pants off ~ Then after the bar closed down we met up with some old friends (met up = partied til 6:30 AM)!!!

PS: During this time I do vaguely remember watching an infomercial about INSANITY and drunkenly doing a snippet of the workout.

KT picked us up @ 6:30 AM and we called it a night – a wonderful night!

I woke up at 11:00 AM the next morn – actually Mom woke me up because we were heading to my aunt and uncle’s house for an Easter celebration. 

Even though I was hungover & running on 4 hours of sleep, this Easter celebration was so much fun.  We all brought our pups and Lilly had some major puppy playtime!  This was probably the most fun day of Lilly’s life so far!!  I am so mad at myself for leaving my camera at home and not capturing the precious moments.

Needless to say ~ there was no workout involved in my Saturday.

There was no workout involved in my Sunday either (!!!)  We celebrated Easter with my dad’s side of the fam. 

The exciting-ness of Sunday = 40 days of Lent are over!!  Yes, I did make it 40 days without meat (!!!)  I am pumped about this because I thought it was going to be such a challenge.  I almost did not even do it because I was so afraid of failing. 

As it turns out ~ I kind of like the “no meat” approach.  I have not eaten much of it since the Easter ham.  It does not even taste that great when I do.  Ben & I did make stir fry for dinner last night and added chicken…


Yum!!  I have missed grilled chicken the mostest!

* * * * * * * * *

The reason for no workout on Saturday / Sunday / Monday  :(  ??

Reason #1: I did not feel up to it on Saturday because of Friday night’s festivities…

Reason #2: As mentioned earlier…


^ Not Lilly ~ Check out the background


^ Yes ~ that would be frozen stir-fry on my knee  :(

My knee is bothering me more now than it has in a long time.  I tore my ACL when I was a junior in high school – this may or may not have something to do with the pain. 

I know I have said before that I am going to give running / treadmill a break, but this time I am seriously going to give running / treadmill a break.  At least for an entire week.

My elliptical workouts have been great, though.

Tuesday’s Workout:

  • 65 minutes elliptical
    • 5 minute warm up
    • 55 minutes of interval sprints *
    • 5 minute cool down
  • 15 minutes strength
    • Arm machines
    • Inner / Outer thigh machines

Today’s Workout:

  • 50 minutes elliptical
    • 2 minute warm up
    • 45 minutes of interval sprints *
    • 3 minute cool down
  • ChaLEAN Extreme
    • 20 minutes of “Burn Interval” (cardio intervals + arms)
    • 15 minutes of “Extreme Abs”

* What are interval sprints ??

Since I got my Garmin ~ I have really been into watching my heart rate.  I do my interval sprints on the elliptical by watching my heart rate.

  • 1:40 with a heart rate of 160-165
  • 1:40 with a heart rate of 175-185

Sometimes I go a little while longer than a 1:40 in the 160 zone because I feel like my bod needs a longer recovery time.  I have two songs on my Pod that I listen to during the sprinting – they really pump me up and make my legs go!!!

Here is a chart I found when I did some heart rate research:


I have left the gym really worn out after these elliptical workouts ~ I love it.  I like having my Garmin and I think seeing my HR helps me push myself.  I have been pushing until I can’t just cannot push anymore (!!) 

As Chalene would say – Don’t take a break when you want one, take a break when you need one.

Well ~ I have missed you guys (if you are even still reading ??) !!!

Tomorrow is Thursday already and I cannot believe that!  Have a good one  :)