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Wowsahs!!  It has been such a long time…

It was strange when I read Cassie’s post today, because it is exactly how I have been feeling.  I have not felt like my productive-busy-body self since Friday and blogging has been the last thing on my mind.  Today was much better and I have crossed many tasks off my SBTD List (!!!)

I left you all Friday afternoon ~ I traveled home Saturday morn…

I love going home and being with my family – but you all already know this.  Lil went home with me and we have spent so much QT together. 


Lilly is obsessed with socks ~ she can just hop in my suitcase and dig all of them out and take them apart.  I am missing more socks than ever lately.

Once again – no foodie pics from home.  Except for this guy…


He is the ultimate enemy when I go home. 

I cannot seem to leave him alone…


It happens to be filled with m&ms in this picture.  On a separate occasion it was filled with Cadbury Eggs.  WOW! ~ Cadbury Eggs are amazzzing!!

I wish my mom would get rid of this candy dish because I can never resist.

Other sweet things I could not resist at home over the weekend included but are definitely not limited to the following:


  • Homemade zucchini bread (!!!)
  • Fudge Shoppe Fudge Stick cookies
  • Blue Bunny raspberry vanilla frozen yog
  • Wedding cake – lemon (!!!)

My mom said these two comments to me over the weekend in regards to my eating the above items in rather large quantities:

Ann, remember what happened last time you were home – Don’t give yourself a stomach ache eating all that chocolate…

You better stop eating like that or you really won’t want to put on a swimsuit this summer…

The second comment was after our shopping trip on Monday in which I whined incessantly after trying on multiple swimsuits – liking not a one.

I talk about it like it is nbd – but on the contrary friends… I believe the trying on of swimsuits really put me in my horrible mood.  I think it is what started the entire mood change I was telling you about earlier…

I always leave home feeling like I gained at least 5 lbs over the weekend – even though I know this is not possible.  I got back to Indy on Tuesday and was ready for some workout action – despite my strange mood.

In a magazine I read over the weekend, an article about plateaus said It is better to go harder than go longer.  I kept this in mind as I did the gymmie thing on Tuesday ~ running a hilly 5 miles with inclines up to 8 @ 7.5 speeds.

It felt good – but I was not pumped about it.  Not like Friday’s workout…

Who do I confide in about this not-being-pumped-about-a-workout feeling ??

Duh ~ Cassie   :)  and KT  :)  I confide in these two girls about everything related to workouts & nutrition.

Cassie suggested maybe I was just pushing too hard.  Maybe ??  So this morning I stuck with Turbo Jam – instead of hitting the gym. 

Not that Turbo Jam is not pushing hard – because actually I probably push harder when I do these workouts… But they are fun.  They keep my mind off the fact that I am even working out ~ which sometimes I do not like.


Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix ~ 30 minutes


Turbo Jam Booty Sculpt + Abs ~ 25 minutes


These fun-but-tough workouts were just what I needed this morn!!  Before I get to my tough-but-not-fun workout from this afternoon…


… to last night’s Dinner


Because it was amazing ~ and the first time I have ever roasted veggies…


When I searched How to roast vegetables I was continually told to use olive oil.  I searched to see if there was another alternative…

Not that I think olive oil is bad – I really have no clue. I just did not love the n-facts.

I found / used this instead:



^  Blurry comparison…

For under the veggies:


^  Full Circle whole what capellini






Yum ~ With a side of peas (as if I needed more veggies)

And guess what was for Lunch today ??


Leftover veggies + green beanies (!!)

And guess what I just had for a snack this afternoon ??


Veggies with FF Italian dressing for dipping (!!)

OK – You get the idea:  Veggies = Yum

For some sweetness after lunch – as I get completely out of order with pics:


GOLEAN Crisp!  Toasted Berry Crumble… Yes, measuring cup = cereal bowl today!

* * * * * * * * * * *

And the tough-but-not-so-fun workout I mentioned earlier.  You can probably guess!



Plyometric Cardio Circuit ~ 40 minutes


I died the whole way through this workout – but still felt awesome afterwards!

Plus I was pumped because it is the first time I used this baby:


Yes!!!  After much thought I decided the $ would be worth it…

I used my Garmin FR60 today during Insanity.  I think I was too excited to use it and did not read over instructions long enough.  After the workout – I realized the Garmin was not counting my cals, only monitoring my heart rate…

My average heart rate during Plyometric Cardio was 164 and my high was 184.  Wah!  I am honestly not even sure exactly what this means.  Tonight I will be researching more about heart rates during workouts… ??

Here is something new I tried today before my Insanity workout:


Clif Shot Bloks as recommended by KT

These electrolyte chews are delish!  From what I gather by reading the package, these are geared for hikers.. maybe ??  Who are going to hike all day ??  Because it says to chew 2-3 Bloks each hour for energy…

I think they taste great and I think maybe I did have a bit of extra energy – it is hard to tell during an Insanity workout.  I did make it all the way through so perhaps that means these Bloks did their job ??

Finally ~ as this random post comes to an end…

You will never ever ever guess what else I have been up to over break:

Wedding Plans!

Wow!  Can you believe it ??  I finally feel like I am making progress and making important decisions and contacting important people.  It feels good!! 


According to this handy-dandy mag ~ I am ahead of schedule by four months!!


I created this binder to begin storing all important info / notes / ideas (!!!)  There is nothing in it yet – but hopefully it will fill up fast!

This has been a long random post – but can you expect anything different when I have not blogged in 4 days ??  I need to get with the program…

Off to make dinner / Catch up on DVR with my two favs  :)