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Dearest Endorphins,

I love you sooo much!! 

You make me want to burst out in song and dance as I run on the treadmill and pump my fists as I pedal away on the elliptical.  You make my day so much better.  You are awesome and I do not know what I would do without you!!!!



I just had a great workout at the gym!  This is why I already love SB.

Here are the three things I thought as I walked in the gym today:

1) Do not stop or slow down ~ go hard the entire time

2) I have all day ~ no time restraints and no reason to rush

3) No pain, no gain

I stepped on the elliptical at 10:55 and walked out the door at 12:30.  I felt so worn out, but in a really good way!!  I loved not having to worry so much about the time or about school things I needed to work on…

My workout was completely cardio.  I do plan to go back this afternoon for a workout which is strictly strength training ~ no cardio to distract me.

Here is a quick recap of the gymmie thing: 

  • 3.5 miles elliptical (Thursday’s “5K Everyday”)
  • 3.5 miles treadmill run/sprint (Friday’s “5K Everyday”)
  • 2 more miles elliptical

These were not leisurely jogs on the tread or magazine-reading elliptical workouts.  I really went hard the entire time.  At certain points of my elliptical workout I was running at 8.5 speeds.  And at other points I was running 7.5 speeds at 7.0 incline. 

This is one of the best cardio workouts I have had in a long time ~ it just made me feel great!  I left the gym proud of myself…

Breakfast / Gym Fuel


Whole wheat wrap with PB and sliced nanner ~ the colored pieces are Welches Fruit Snacks leftover from my Bradford Woods snack stash…


And a Kid’s Clif Bar ~ honey graham


This is my Clif cookie jar (!!)  Yum…

After breakfast and before doing the gymmie thing, I headed to Target and Marsh for a few groceries – I am really running low on certain things, especially sweet things.

Running low on sweet things = Eating some of Ben’s Girl Scout cookie ice cream last night —> 2 extra miles on elliptical today


^  My finds

I found a few treats (freats as we call them) for Lillian while I was out.  I put them on the floor to let her check them out…



^  Please open them Mom ~ I can’t wait!! 


^ In the freat bag were Dingo Cupcakes – Peanut Butter Flavor


^  Awww Lil

Lilly loved the new freats!!  :)  :)

Another find I am excited about = Mini Clif Bars…


^ Aren’t they cute?  Excited to try these…


^ But added them to the cookie jar for now!

I also picked up these teeny bowls at Target for 99 cents each.  They look like the perfect size for my lunch box.  I already know Ben will be so annoyed because we have too many similar Tupperware-y type items…


After Target / Marsh / Gym, it was finally time for lunch!  My stomach was growling…



Eggbeater whole wheat wrap with FF cheese slice and salsa and…


A (large) side of broccoli and cauliflower

Yum  :)

While eating my lunch, I delved into this article about weight-loss plateaus…


I have not finished yet ~ but I will let you know what I learn soon.  For now, I am off to cross some more tasks of the SBTD list.

Happy Friday Blogsters!!  :)