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Hey Guys ~ Super pumped right now…


About to sit down and make a huge SBTD list –> Spring Break To Do

But first….

I wanted to share my goal:


Yup ~ Kelly Ripa.  Isn’t her bod amazzzzing??  I think so.  This was in my recent SHAPE issue.  I will probably cut her out and put on her the front of my new 5K Everyday notebook – for motivation purposes…  Do you have a picture that motivates you??

Well, today was beach day at school.  Check out the cake Mrs. Thomas baked and brought in.  I passed on the cake, but it was soooo cute ~ I had to snap some pics!!



How creative / cute / yummy is this cake ??  The Teddy Grahams are at the beach in Life-Saver rafts and laying out on the Rice Krispie beach with Fruit Roll-Up towels and Goldfish in the water.

I actually had a student go snap these pictures because I could not leave my room to go to Mrs. Thomas’s room.  The first girl I sent did not take a pic that met my approval, so I chose another to go try again!



To that delish veggie stir-fry I mentioned last night:




This meal was so yum.  I really think I could eat it every single night.  Ben and I are still trying out so many new dinners.  We have only lived together for a year.  We have made huge improvements from last year’s frozen dinners ~ But I know we have a long way to go.  Any quick / delish recipes to share ??



This picture looks odd.  For dessert, I enjoyed a 1/2 Sun-Maid cinnamon raisin bagel with spray butter, Sun Crystals, and cinnamon ~ and a few animal crackers also covered in cinnamon and a treat from my mim —> homemade zucchini bread.  This definitely satisfied the sweet tooth…

Fast forward..

Tonight we have a guy coming over to talk to me about my retirement plan and such things that I do not hardly understand.  I usually stop by the gym after school but did not want to be rushed during my workout in order to make it home on time. 

No workout after school = bad mood  :( 

I enjoyed an after-school snack ~ Remember those from your childhood? 


Perfect – green beanies with some (more) leftover cilantro / lime rice in a huge Cool Whip tub.  I munched on a few Baked Lays while this was warming up.  Yum!!  This should hold me until dinner.

It is my SB!! WAH!! ~ I promise a much better post tomorrow!!  :)  :)