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Hey Guys!  :) 

Hope you are all having a Happy Hump-day!!



I had a mixture of broccoli and cauliflower with some leftover cilantro rice that Ben and I made last night ~ this was delicious.  It will be in my lunchbox again tomorrow.

PS:  Tomorrow is the last day of school before break!! :)  :)

Prep-time Snack 


A NANNER!! ~ Perfect


Today I enjoyed a single Starburst from the candy jar.  However, yesterday I enjoyed EIGHT of them throughout the day.

8 Starbursts = 1 serving = 130 cals = 3g fat

^ Check out the background of the two pics above…

Okay – I am 24 years old; This should not make me giggle, should it ??


It does make me giggle – but whatev.  Other teachers that dropped by and saw these headings on my desk also shared a laugh!!



5K Everyday

I created a small plan but have not shared it because I was not sure how well it would work out.  It is only the beginning of a plan…

The plan was meant to be for this week and next because next week is my Spring Break and I will have lots of extra time!!  PUMPED UP!

I am going to try to run a 5K everyday —>  That’s it ~ That’s the plan!


I will do other things along with run.  Some days the run will take place on the elliptical instead of a treadmill – my knees could not handle the treadmill every day.  I will do three miles of something each day…

I started this past Saturday.  I am logging my cardio in this handy-dandy notebook.  The notebook will be used for a bazillion other things as well.  Such as To-Do Lists and calorie counting — But so far it is just my cardio log.


I have done more than three miles each day so far —> off to a good start!! 

For right now, I just feel like running / elliptical is the type of workout I need.  If I were trying to build huge muscles or planning to try out for football soon ~ then I would continue my Insanity workouts. 

I will still do these workouts, but maybe scale it back to once a week.

Do you have a workout plan? 

Ben has been working on the bathroom.  I cannot wait to post our bathroom’s progress pics ~ it looks great and is almost finished!!

Tonight is a late dinner – but an awesome one!  We are making veggie stir-fry :)

Talk to you later Bloggies  :)  :)