Hey Guys ~ It’s been awhile!  :)

Pretty excited about what we found in the mailbox after being gone all weekend:

Race for the Cure

Susan G. Kommen Race for the Cure 5K is coming up on April 17th.  Ben and I got our Ts and our numbers!  We are racing with Ben’s mom, who is a very recent breast cancer survivor ~ which makes the race even more special!  Just seeing my # pumped me up and I headed straight to the gym to run a treadmill 5K. 

While at home yesterday, I ran about 4.5 miles around Huntingburg after walking a mile with mom and Lil.  It was perfect weather and once I started, I did not want to stop!! 

Sunshine = Lots of energy!!  :)  :)  :)

Yes ~ I headed home to southern Indiana for the weekend.  After Bradford Woods and two long, busy school days, I just could not wait to spend Saturday and Sunday with my family, Ben & Lilly.  Those were the only things that mattered to me. 

I did not take my school bag home, I put my phone away when I got there and I left my computer in the bag.  I had an electronic-free family-fun weekend.  I think that family is the best and most important thing in the world and I enjoyed every minute of my weekend with them. 

Being home with my family made all other things (including blogging ~ sorry guys!) seem unimportant.  I already miss them!!  Wahh!!  Okay…

So ~ Bradford Woods was great!!  I was super tired afterwards, but I am still walking around the house singing all the Bradford Woods camper songs!! 

Everywhere we go-ooo!  Everywhere we go-ooo!

People wanna kno-ooow!  People wanna kno-ooow!

Who we arrreee!  Who we arrreee!

So we tell them!  So we tell them!

We’re from the wooo-ooods!  We’re from the wooo-ooods!

The Bradford Bradford Woo-oods!  The Bradford Bradford Wooo-oods!


My family is probably singing it by now too.  My mom told me this weekend that she thinks I can make more noise than any single one person she knows.  Thanks Mim!!

We left for the Bradford Bradford Woods on Tuesday morning and then returned Wednesday evening – this is quite a long time to spend with 100 ten-year-olds, right fellow teachers?!!  I wore my pedometer nearly the entire trip and by the time we returned to school on Wednesday evening, it read 19.9 miles!!  I was very pumped about this but not surprised at all… 

As expected, the pedometer made me feel much better about missing workouts.  My legs were sore and my bod was tired and I took the next few days off of working out.  My first workout since the Woods was yesterday. 

The weather was gorgeous ~ which meant Lillian got to spend a lot of time outside.

^  Ben and Lil – with the southern Indiana fields in the background…

My baby Lil in the foreground & My Dad’s baby in the background!!

^  Lil in the sunshine

I love this weather & wish it would keep it up (!!!)  :)

Well, I know that this is not a wonderful recap considering I have been MIA for multiple days in a row.  I owe you more than just a few random pics.  I did not document eats this weekend.  If I took pictures of everything I ate while at home this weekend, I would probably have no memory left on my camera card – no lie.

I eat so much when I go home with my fam compared to when I am up here.  Maybe it has a little bit to do with the fact that it is the weekend, but I think it is mostly just because I am home.   Does the environment you are in or the people you are with influence what / how much you eat ???

My eats included, but were definitely not limited to the following:

  • salad
  • Chex Mix
  • multiple handfuls of white choclate chips
  • a white chocolate Lindt ball
  • roasted veggies
  • baked potato with ketchup
  • a few peanut m&ms
  • 2 slices of homemade zucchini bread
  • Baked Lays
  • a PB&J sandwich
  • Clif Kids – peanut butter
  • Sun-Maid cinnamon raisin bagel with PB
  • banana
  • strawberries (!!!)

These are not the normal meals you see me eating, but this is what I ate this weekend.  I enjoyed each bite ~ yes, especially the white chocolate (!!!!)  But it is time to get back on track now.  I am a sucker for sweets when I visit my fam.

Purdue game = overtime.  Cooking dinner with Ben as soon as it’s over…

Talk to you guys later!!  :)  Missed ya!!