Hey guys!!  This will be a quick post, as I continue to prepare for this crazy camping trip with 150 10 year olds!!  Wahhh!!

I cannot believe how much paperwork, planning and organization goes into a trip like this.  I hope all goes well and I am not forgetting anything!!!

I have already made peace with the fact that I will not workout for a lonnng time.  There is just too much to prepare tonight to squeeze in a workout.  I will be gone tomorrow night and Thursday & Friday I will be super tired.  This trip followed by two full school days will wear me down, I just know it. 

It took awhile, but I have accepted the workout-free days.  How do you prepare for and deal with days you know you will not fit workouts in?? 

I know we will be doing tons of hiking ~ so that will help.  I am packing my pedometer and I am sure seeing the #s on this thing at the end of the night tomorrow will help me to feel better about missing workouts. 

This evening I have been busy packing extra lunches for the kiddos who might accidentally forget.  Tomorrow is a sack-lunch at camp rather than camp food – which is absolutely perfectly fine by me!!! 

I made each kiddo a PB&J sandwich.  I used Ben’s ingredients as he buys the super- unhealthy off-brand bread.  I did not want to make three sandwiches using my Sandwich Thins.  I know my kids would not appreciate them the way I do. 

Ben also let me use his PB and his J.  Thanks Benny!  Again, I do not think my kiddos will mind if it is not the natural, organic stuff – right ??

I also included a 100 Calorie Pack.  Someone had given me these and I just never eat them.  I feel like there are so many better and much more filling foods that are worth 100 cals.  So I gave each of my kids one ~ I’m sure this is not at the top of the cool list in 5th grade, but whatev.  They each got 5 Ritz crackers and a Capri Sun.  For dessert, they each got a homemade cookie, courtesy of Mim, and a tbsp of dark chocolate M&Ms.  Delish & semi-nutrish (!!!)

Since you do not read this blog to see what my students have for lunch…

* Dinner *

Tonight’s dinner was so filling.  I never leave food uneaten, but tonight I did (!!)

First an Eggbeater sammie with a pickle – on a paper plate ?!?  The sam had a FF cheese slice and homemade salsa from Mim…  In case you have not noticed, Mom always loads me up with goodies when I go home.  I feel like she must get nervous that KT and I will not eat enough ~ Got to love moms!!! 

… accompanied by a ginormous (as my students would say / write in a story) salad. 

In the mixture:

  • lettuce
  • red pepper
  • green peppers
  • green onions
  • broccoli slaw
  • fat free shredded cheese 
  • fat free Italian dressing

Good stuff ~ the rest of it is coming with me to Bradford Woods for our sack lunch!

Time for dessert & time with Ben and Lil, followed by packing.  I am going to miss Lilly so much ~ I have nearly gotten tears in my eyes multiple times today just thinking about leaving her all night!! 

I will miss Ben too, of course  :)   :) 


I have zero time for posting progress pics, like I promised ~ here is one though.  I will probably try to create some sort of new progress page soon, after this Bradford Woods madness trip is over…

Yay for pants that are too big and buying the exact same pair in a smaller size!!  :)   This was an exciting part of my weekend.  But more later on this…

Do you take progress pics??  What do you do to track your progress??  Do you take measurements and write them down?  How do you reward yourself ???

Have a good evening ~ Next time I talk to you guys, I will have survived camping @ Bradford Woods 2010!!!  Wahhh!!

Night!! :)