Sunday = Funday, right??  :) 

I had a lot to do today and still more to go, but I believe a quick recap is in order…

* Breakfast *


  • 1/2 Sun Maid cinnamon raisin bagel (curtesy of my mom because I cannot find them here in Indy) (100 cals)
  • topped with peanut butter and European Strawberry jam
  • GOLEAN berry cruch cereal topped sprinkled with raspberries

I am really enjoying this European Strawberry!!

Along with lots of cleaning and a trip to the grocery, I began packing for Bradford Woods today.  I started with snacks…

I am only going to be at Bradford Woods for two loonnngg days and one night, but I just want to be prepared ~ you never know, right ???  All the hiking and activities could = a snacky Miss Feldmeyer.

Then I headed upstairs to start on the clothes / toiletries / sleeping gear part of packing.  This will be continued tomorrow, but at least I am started. 

I hope to fit everything into this rolly duffle bag.  However, that is not looking promising.  Ben thinks I am ridiculous.

Oh, by the way, Lillian has decided to go with me…

I wish :)  :)  I am going to miss her so much!!

Speaking of Lillian, check out this toy we picked up for her today:

The treat goes inside and Lilly has to try to get it out.  Is this mean???

I don’t think it’s mean ~ Lilly seems to love it and it kept her occupied forever!!


I got so many things crossed off today and kept putting off my workout, but finally squeezed one in.  It was a very quick and random assortment of parts of Turbo Jam and parts of Insanity.  I ended up doing about 15-20 minutes each of three different DVDs.  Strange workout tonight ~ but plenty of sweat… (???)

I loved dinner tonight, so I want to share it with you guys!!  Yum!!


Know what I am making yet ??!

These four ingredients + green and red chopped pepper =

Yum!!  This was my fav homemade pizza ever!!  I have already packed the leftovers for my lunch tomorrow!  I had a side of brocoli and a side of Baked Lays / Goldfish for something crunchy.  Delish dinner ~ Hit the spot!!!

As did dessert…

This whole container has 150 cals and 2 g of fat (!!!)  It has some sugar, of course, but that did not stop me, friends. 

 The container looks teeny, but I actually ended up scooping out only about 1/3 of it for my dessert dish tonight + a few dark chocolate m&ms = amazzzing!!

Holy chocolate yum!!

So does Sunday = Funday ??  Not necessarily ~ it would have been more fun had I met my family in Bloomington, as planned.  I just felt like I had too much to get done today – and still more to go.  I cannot believe how fast weekends go.  How is it possible ??

I did take some progress pics today ~ I will try to share tomorrow!!!  :)

Goodnight  :)