Happy Saturday!!  I love them, don’t you??  :)

My morning started bright and early at 7:45, thanks to Lillian jumping all over me while I slept ~ I still love her, but may as well stop setting an alarm.  Here is what my morning started with, after a load of laundry, that is:

Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix


Turbo Jam Cardio Party Mix 3


Insanity ~ Cardio Abs


This combination was an awesome start to my morning.  I only did part of Cardio Party Mix 3, a little over half of the DVD.  75 minutes of cardio by 9:00 AM (!!!)  I sooo wish I had the time to do this every morn! 

It was an awesome workout ~ though I planned to do more arm exercises.  I set up my workout station in the kitchen for the first time this morning, because I knew Ben would be up soon to catch his Saturday morning sports recap.


Fitness Kitchen

It looks like a strange, annoying, cluttered set-up, but I actually enjoyed workin on my fitness on the hardwood floor versus the usual carpet.  It was a nice change and I just might continue the kitchen workouts.

Ben snapped this pic mid-madness:

Insanity Cardio Abs

I was drenched and dripping in sweat at this moment.  Sometimes to get through an interval, I use a trick from my friend, Cardio Cassie.  It sounded kind-of silly when I first heard it, but now find myself using it often:

When I have just a few more reps, or in this case – a few more ab push-ups, I say words like strength or power.  I have also added win.  I know it sounds silly and unhelpful.  Maybe it is the cheerleader in Cassie and I coming out??  I am not sure why I referred to this as a trick ??  But whatev, it works for me and I like it!!! 

Gracias, Cardio Cassie!!  :) 



Post Workout

Ben snapped this pic post workout.  I think I was in this position for nothing short of 5 minutes.  I love this feeling, don’t you ??

After the workout, I went straight into productive mode and crossed some things off the weekend to-do list.  Mid-productiveness (entering math grades, I believe),  I got a call from my aunt and uncle who are in town for the basketball games this weekend.  My uncle is a Purdue alum like Ben, while my aunt is an IU alum, like me.  We went out for lunch together ~ it was an awesome interruption to Saturday busy-ness.

We decided on Chili’s because it is very near ~ and they had a game to get to!   

I ordered the Asian Salad – Napa cabbage, crispy wontons, edamame, green onions, cilantro, sesame seeds, Asian vinaigrette and a creamy peanut drizzle. 

I asked for no peanut drizzle – and I am still a little confused by this ??  What is creamy peanut drizzle ???  My stomach was really growling by this time ~ so the salad tasted extra amazzzing!!  Yum!

We just got back home and Ben is already back to bathroom business…  bathroom remodeling business, that is.  He is probably heading downtown with some friends for the basketball games pretty soon. 

I think I will stay around here and cross more off the list, spend time with Lil, and start preparing for Bradford Woods.  It is approaching so quickly, as you can see by the classroom calendar:


Enjoy the rest of your Saturday ~ Talk to you later  :)  :)