Hey Guys!  Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!

If you are not ~ perhaps this will make it better:

 Silly Lilly  :)


Yes, she is sleeping this way…

I made a delicious snack last night that I want to share with you guys ~ because I love it!!  It is inspired by a snack that was made by the mom of one of KT’s roommates! I saw it when I visited KT in Bloomington yesterday.  Check it out!!


(Generic Brand) Wheat Squares and Pretzel Sticks

PB, of course…

Dark Chocolate m&mies ~ My fav part!!

Though unplanned, I ended up adding a few scoops of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB (!!)

First, I broke up the pretzel sticks and melted the PB…

 I agree, this does not look super-appetizing, but stay with me, I promise it gets better!!

After the PB was completely melted, I poured it over the mixture of pretzels, Wheat Squares, and m&mies.  Then stirred forever…

After PB covered the entire mixture, Ben helped me dump it into a square pan:

Yummmm ~ Right ??

I let it harden over night and took a small square in my lunch today.  It was perfect.  I am pumped about this sweet treat!!!

After working long and hard (!!) in the kitchen, I sat down to write out some special cards for some special people who deserve them.

The first card I wrote was a thank-you from me and Lilly.  Ben & I went to visit my sister KT in Bloomington yesterday and I did not want to leave Lilly here at home, so I took her with me.  My parents met us there also and we all went to out to have dinner.  Lilly stayed at KT’s apartment ~ and we will just say she was a bit mischievous.  KT’s roommates watched over her while we were gone, as if they did not have a million other tasks to tend to on a Sunday night!!

We sent Michael, Katy, and Lauren a thank-you for putting up with watching over Lilly while we were at dinner.

Following this I wrote out a card for Dr. Saxman, my university supervisor from Indiana University ~ who worked with me during my student teaching and last November helped me to land the job I have right now.  When I think of people who helped me get to where I am today, besides my family, I always think of Dr. Saxman.  I just wanted to tell him as much.  Plus, when I was running outside after school on Friday, I passed by his house and it made me think. 

I love when Ben and I (and Lil) meet mom & dad and & KT in Bloomington.  It’s always so much fun.  Yesterday, my grandma came with mom & dad, so it was extra special!!  It’s always sad leaving and heading home to get ready for Monday…

Today after school, I had such a headache.  Usually I stop by the gym right after school, but today I decided to save my workout until evening, hoping my headache would not last.  I also considered taking an off day.  I came home and took Lil for a walk.  It is such a beautiful day outside today!!  Lilly loved it! 

We did some walking and some running ~ only a total of 15 minutes.  Lilly got tired fast!!  That was okay with me, because my head still was not feeling well. 

Ben got home from the gym and was all sweaty after a great workout ~ and this is when I decided I wanted to work through my dumb headache.  I went with Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix ~ 3o minutes of cardio.  I wore my weighted hand gloves to make it a little harder.  After some of my intense treadmill runs and crazy Insanity workouts I have been doing lately, this Turbo Jam did not seem as difficult as it used to, but it was perfect for today.  As always – glad I decided to workout!!

After some online research and lots of thinking, I finally made a decision on a new of pair tennies.  I decided on Brooks Trance 9, which is what my sister KT has and loves.  I take KT’s word on every single thing with no doubts!!  I picked them up the other day while Lillian was at the salon.  Today was the first time I have worked out in them ~ and so far I love them.  The real test will be when I run in them. 

Speaking of running, I am still trying to take a break and let my legs recover, but I could not help myself.  Yesterday before leaving for Bloomington, I did the gymmie thing.  I started on the elliptical for 30 minutes, but found I could not resist the treadmill.  I only allowed myself two miles. 

I think that each day I should start blogging my planned workout and my actual workout.  I find it humorous how different they always end up being.  I plan out a workout on the way to the gym or the night before and once I get to the gym and get going, the plan absolutely completely 100% changes!  Do you plan out your workouts before you go?  Do you do the same thing each time you go to the gym or do you change it up??  Is there a certain machine you lovvveee?



Ready to try these babies in the gym!

For dinner tonight, Ben made spaghetti and meatballs.  I felt like I wanted some protein, so I went with an Eggbeater sandwich.  It was so yummy ~ just blogging about it kind of makes me want a second one (!!!)

On the side, greenie beanies and some leftover pea-dads mixed in.

Delish dinner…  Dessert will be trailmix and frozen yogurt.  I am so pumped about the trailmix I made ~ even Benny likes it!!

Time for QT with Ben, Lil, and School things  :)