Hey Bloggies ~ A quick post before TV time with Ben and Lil  :)

I did end up breaking and snacking while Ben watched the Purdue game – and squeezed in a 25 minute power nap. 

For snack, I had a Sandwich Round with spray butter, pizza sauce, parmesan cheese, and a new seasoning.  I had a little Chex Mix on the side.  All this accompanied by a mini Diet Mountain Dew ~ Yum!!!  I love DMD.

I picked up a new type of spray butter: Bestlife buttery spray.  I cannot tell a lot of difference between this and my other.  I love the seasoning I used today ~ it made my Sandwich Round taste like an actual slice of pizza.  This is probably one of my favorite snacks.  I love it paired with Chex Mix or Baked Lays.

Time to get prettied ~ Going out for drinks and dinner with Benny.

Love (casual) Date Nights  :)   :)

Don’t worry, I fixed that sprig of crazy hair before leaving! :)

Before we left, Ben had a beer or two and I made a vodka drink with sprite zero.  This vodka is left over from NYE.  Yes, that is how often I drink. 

Whatev, I love being sober and productive.  The older I get, the more I hate the feeling of being hungover and unproductive. 

After my drink, we headed to Rick’s Boatyard Cafe.  This is one of our favs, especially in the summer time, because we eat outside ~ overlooking the lake. 

My pic is not that great, but it is actually such a cute place on the outside – and the inside.  Speaking of the inside ~ tonight is the first night I have busted out the camera in a restaurant (!!!)  Big blogger step!

I started with a vodka and Diet Coke.  I like sticking with these drinks lately, because it allows me to know exactly how many cals I am taking in with each drink and that makes me feel better about drinking.   I have found that most vods have about 80 cals per shot.  Ehhh…  I had two.

For dinner, I chose the Traditional Greek Salad – with red & yellow peppers, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, olives, feta cheese and a vinaigrette dressing.  I gave the olives and tomatoes to Benny.  This is the first time I have ordred this salad and I was very happy with my choice.  Ben had a few bites and he loved it, too!

 Great night ~ Now couch time with Ben & Lil  :)

See you guys tomorrow!