Good Afternoon Bloggies ~ A pretty great Saturday so far!  :)

It started bright and early at 6:45 because today was Lilly’s first salon appointment at 8 in the morn.  I slept in my workout clothes (!!)  last night, so it did not take long to get ready to go.  Great idea!

I have never taken a puppy to the salon before, so I was not sure how long to expect it to take.  I planned to hit the gym right after I dropped Lil off, so I packed shower gear in case her appointment took awhile.  Good thing I did!  When I dropped Lilly off, they told me to pick her up around 10:30 or 11:00.  I had three hours to kill, which was just perfect for a workout and the few other errands I wanted to run while there.

 I got a recommendation for this pet parlor from a teacher at school.

The ladies at PetAgree Fun Lodge were super nice and Lilly was playful and nice towards them when I dropped her off. 

While Lilly was doin her thang, I did mine ~ and hit the gym right away.  My legs have been so sore lately, as I mentioned yesterday.  I decided to stick with ellipticals ~ no treadmill today no matter what!!  It was so hard and I was so tempted to go hop on an open treadmill, but I knew it would not be good for my legs.  They need a break.  I couldn’t even enjoy my run after school yesterday because my legs were so sore.  That tells me they need a rest. 

Today, I spent 60 minutes on the elliptical at crossramp 9-10 and resistance 6.  I always make sure I stay above 10 for my speed, but usually hang out around 11.  I decided to go with the music ~ sprinting at 12.5-13.0 speeds when the music was fast, recovering when it was slow.  I loved the workout.

This is when it gets ugly.  I decided to hit the arm machines for some strength training, as I have been ignoring it lately.  The very first arm machine I got on was one where I push my arms up above my head as I lift the weight (30 lbs in this case).  On my last rep, oooouuucchhh!!  I heard a little popping of some sort and now I cannot turn my head without pain.  I must have pulled or strained a muscle ~ I am not exactly sure what that entails, but I am pretty sure there is nothing that can be done for it.  Turning my head to the right creates a pain like one I have not felt in awhile. 

Stinks  :(

But I kept going – I finished 4 other arm machines and inner and outer thigh machines.  It is so crazy how weak my arms are in comparison to my legs ~ 115 lbs versus 30.

After doing the gymmie thing for awhile, I headed to the library.  I picked up ten books about camping and identifying trees to use at school next week in preparation for our Bradford Woods trip.  My kiddos are so excited! 

Next, I stopped super quickly by Finish Line.  I will show you what I purchased a little bit later ~ I am very pumped about it  (!!!!!)

Finally it was time to pick up Silly Lilly!  I couldn’t wait to see her!  Here is the clean, fluffy, beautiful little furball I brought home to Ben!

Lillian looked so fluffy and precious with her new bow and bandana!!  I think the salon wore her out ~ she is fast asleep right now! 

By this time, my stomach was growling loudly at me.  I was hungry and my lunch was random.  I think this happens because I’m so hungry I cannot decide which direction I want to go for lunch, so I have a little bit of everything.  Part #1:

A veggie egg roll, a Sandwich Round with FF cheese, and 1/2 can of peas. 

I love peas  :) 

Of course, I was still hungry.  Part #2:

A Sandwich Round with PB and banana slices.  Also a small bowl of GOLEAN crunch & more banana slices.  Delish.

Well, Ben has been working hard on the bathroom – I will post pics later.  He is going to take a break and watch Purdue.  I think I will take a break with him and have a snack.  Then back to work and crossing things off that cutesy to-do list.

Enjoy your Saturday ~ Talk to you soon  :)