I love Fridays ~ Such a great feeling!!  :)

I got so much done at school today – we showed a video to celebrate the end of ISTEP+, so this allowed me to have some me time.  During this time, I was able to cross a lot off my school to-do list and I made my huge weekend to-do list. 

Yes, I even decided to make it cutesy with stickers.  I am definitely pumped for a productive weekend! 

Lunch at school was super quick because I had recess duty today:

Veggies (mostly french style green beanies) with a side of chex mix and goldfish and pretzels.  Yes, I could not decide once again, so brought a little bit of each. 

My prep time snack consisted of Kashi GOLEAN cereal and the last of my blackberries and raspberries.  Throughout the day, I snacked on a few too many of these babies from the candy jar:

I think I ate at least 8 of them as the day progressed.  I agree with Tina, I’m not sure what it is about Fridays that makes me want junk food, but I definitely kept craving these chocolate monsters. 

Whatev, I enjoyed every bite.

After school I decided to go for a run outside.  I am unfamiliar with the neighborhoods around my school, so I drove around for just a minute to make sure there were sidewalks all around.  My run was good, but somewhat painful.  I think I mentioned my runs from the beginning of the week – where I ran/sprinted 7.0 inclines – well, I think they are catching up with my legs as of today.  My legs, especially my knees and below, were in some pain as a ran.  I powered through, though, because I really wanted to run ~ and it was so nice outside!!  Ready for summer time!

When I got home I took Lillian for her first walk!  I think she loved it:

I can’t wait until it gets warmer and we can go for longer walks!  I think she was getting cold.  Poor Lil. 

I wanted to share one more thing with you guys.  I normally (unlike today) do not chow down on Hershey kisses throughout the school day.  I usually have a three or four of this new treat (!!!) throughout the school day.  I stumbled upon these amazing sweet treats a week or two ago and they totally cure my random sweet tooth.  I told KT about them and now she loves them, too.  And they are not bad for you!!

The (awesome) facts:

Well, I have more for you guys, but Benny is ready to go.  We are off to Home Depot to pick out new blinds and lights for the bathroom!! 

Enjoy your Friday!  More later!  :)