Wow ~ I love Saturdays!! Especially this one!  :)

I have crossed so many tasks off of my to-do list, and burned lots of cals in the process!!  What could be better??

I woke up with Lil around 7:30 and got straight to work, literally.  And this is my first break today – Thanks for spending it with me!!

I started with a major kitchen cleaning.  I even took the drip pans out and scrubbed them down.  They were disgusting and that in itself was a workout.  I love cleaning / organizing, but I think the kitchen is my favorite room to clean.  After I finished cleaning in the kitchen and tackling some laundry, it was time for my workout…

Yes, time to be insane.  I started with Insanity Pure Cardio.  I died multiple times during this workout, but it felt great!  I am not sure if I will ever be able to make it the entire way through the workout without collapsing stopping for a few breaths multiple times.  I cannot even imagine Month 2 DVDs.. ???

Following this 40 minute cardio workout, my body was tired, but I really wanted to try out a new Chalean Extreme DVD.  I decided to go with Chalean Extreme Burn It Off!   This is another Cardio DVD, which incorporates arm weights and resistance bands here and there.  It is 23 minutes total, but I only finished 12 minutes of it, because my body was wornnnn out.  I was starting to sacrifice my form so I decided to stop the workout.  I am excited to try out the rest of the DVD soon, because it was a good one!! 

My tennies are starting to hurt my feet during these workouts.  I don’t think they have the support they used to.  Perhaps it is time for a new pair??  This is a thought that really pumps me up!!  I currently have Brooks Trance 8 and I love them.  I am so happy I decided to get them and I will probably go with another pair of Brooks.  Do you have a favorite brand of tennies for running / working out??  What do you like about them?  Do you recommend them?

Trance 8

After my workout, I went straight into today’s major task ~ Painting the bathroom with Ben.  Our Valentine’s gift to each other is re-doing the bathroom.  Painting is hard work!!  It was making me tired, especially following the insane workout.  Before writing this post, I even checked the Calorie Control Lighten Up and Get Moving Calculator to see how many cals were burned while painting – I was curious!!  Of course this is not an accurate number, but at least I can get some idea…

I will post many pics when this project is complete, as I am making sure to take progress pics of the bathroom while we work.  



We are painting walls, replacing the old vanity with a new one, replacing the mirror with one that matches the new vanity, getting a new counter top with double sinks, new faucets, and replacing the carpet with tile… Ahh!!  Such a project!!  I can already tell it will be a lot of work, but I am excited because I love home improvement projects!!  I am ready for the fun small final details, like picking out towel racks and shower curtains ~  This is my fav part, you know??

Finally after two hours of painting ~ lunch time!!  Whew, my body needs some food in it!

Part 1

Still hungry!

Part 2

Part 1 was a salad with nothing parm cheese and Goldfish on top.  I need another grocery run for more salad-topper veggies.  To accompany the salad, I put Laughing Cow and Pizza Squeeze on 1/2 an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin.  I love this Pizza Squeeze, so I made sure to get it in the pic.  Part 1 = Yum, but not filling.

For Part 2, I refilled my salad bowl with loads of broccoli.  I topped the broccoli with FF Italian dressing and sprinkled parm cheese.  I had a teeny bowl of Baked Cheetos and Chex Mix to go with the broccoli.  The size of these two bowls right next to one another makes me laugh.

Well, my stomach is good to go again ~ time to join Ben for more painting.

Enjoy your Saturday – I sure am!!!   :)