Hey Bloggies ~ Hope you all had a Happy Friday!

Whew!  It has been a long day!  It is 10:00 already ~ I am trying to decide if I just want to go to bed early tonight or squeeze in workout #2 for today.

This morning I woke up at 4:50 for an AM workout before the school day.  It was hard to get myself up, but the morning workout felt great and I felt like I had more energy than normal throughout the school day today.  I am going to continue doing morning workouts on Fridays, as another part of my Lent Plan.

I ended up doing about 45 minutes of cardio ~ Turbo Jam Fat Blaster and Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix.  I could never handle the intensity of an Insanity workout at 5:00 in the morning, but these were perfect and I worked up a major sweat, especially wearing the weighted handgloves!!

I followed the workout with half of a cinnamon raisin bagel with spray butter, on the way to school, of course.

We are studying the phases of the moon in science.  Check this out:

I love kids, seriously.  A moon tattoo to celebrate our science topic ~ How could one not love it??  I just smiled and snapped a pic!

Lunch was super quick today because we finally had outdoor recess and it was my day for duty.  I had some leftover peas and a small salad, with Goldfish and no turkey.  I was bummed about recess duty at first, but it felt nice to get outside, I walked laps around the pavement while I watched the kiddos play.

 Meal #2 ~ Green Lunch

Friday zoomed by and it was prep time before I knew it.  Yum ~ so glad I bought these raspberries and blackberries yesterday.  I am in love with them, especially when  I sprinkled them with Sun Crystals.  I accompanied the berries with a Kashi GoLean Pretzel & Caramel bar.

 Meal #3 ~ Prep Snack

I had Meal #4 when I got home from school.  Usually on Friday I book it out of there, ready for the weekend, but today I hung around for a few to chit-chat with the teachers on my team.  Then I had a couple stops to make on my way home.  I ended up getting home around 5:30 or so, which is when I enjoyed a whole wheat wrap with lettuce, pickle, salsa, and Laughing Cow.  I could not decide if I wanted Goldfish, Baked Cheetos, or Chex Mix on the side, so I had a tiny bit of each one, dipped in my mom’s homemade salsa ~ the perfect snack!!

Meal #4

Meal #5 was my actual dinner with Ben meal.  I was very unoriginal, but very delicious, tonight – Yes, another omelet.  My sister keeps stressing the importance of getting my protein via other sources, since I am not giving my body the turkey and grilled chicken it is used to.  I love KT ~ between she and Cassie, I have all the nutritional info I could ever need!!  I had another small salad on the side – exactly like my lunch salad.  One can never get enough salad, right??

 Meal #5 – Dinner

I was so excited for dessert tonight!  Yesterday while at the grocery store, I must have had a major sweet tooth, because I came home with some many new sweet treats.  I wanted to incorporate all of them into tonight’s dessert, but that was not possible.  Here are two new treats used in dessert combo #1.  Quaker Carmel Corn Rice Cakes plus Smucker’s Sugar Free Dessert Breakfast Syrup.  This was the perfect combo and plenty of sweetness to satisfy.


Combo #1

Blurry Nutrition Facts

Combo #2

All Together Now

This dessert really hit the spot!!  In fact, it hit the spot sooo much that I had two more rice cakes with syrup.  Hey, it’s so new and so delish, I just could not help myself tonight!  You know the feeling, right??

Goodnight Bloggies!  :)  Enjoy your weekend!!