Hey Bloggies!

Well I decided after school that I would have an awesome workout tonight ~ and I did!!  I feel like I can tell I am getting better at these insane workouts.  I never thought I would be able to finish Plyometric Cardio Circuit, let alone follow it up with a second cardio workout!  I am quite proud tonight.


I really had to push through to finish this workout.  It is so tough!  So much sweatness going on ~ Dripping!! I truly admire basketball players after doing the final circuit of Level 1 Basketball Drills – they killed me.  I literally collapsed when I was finished and just layed on the ground for a few.  Ah, Insanity.

Thanks for an amazing workout Shaun T!!   :)

I followed up Shaun T with my girl, Chalene ~ and a new DVD called Burn Intervals.  I am still stuck on this interval kick – I am loving it, though.  In Burn Intervals, you do about 2 minutes of cardio and then 2 minutes recovery period.  And by recovery period, I mean weight lifting / arm exercises.  Even recovery period is tough.  This is perfect and much needed for me.  I need, need, need strength training, especially arm exercises.  My arms were burning like crazy during this workout!!

Thanks Chalene!!   :)

Dinner #2 was next.  I had four mini-meals today – and am only posting my last one for time and pic purposes.  The last of my brocoli (need to hit the store)  and a small salad to use up some love lettuce (from Vday) before it goes bad.  Yum!

Mini-meal #4

Dessert was such a random assortment of sweetness because I obviously could not make any type of dessert decision at this point.  I had to snap a pic of all ingredients.  Graham crackers are missing from this photo!


I told you it was random.  Back to my Sunmaid Cinnamon Raisin Bagels – I had 1/2 of one with spray butter, Sun Crystals, and cinnamon.  I also had 1/2 a graham cracker with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB on top.  And finally, a new addition to my desserts lately – Goldfish Schmoes.  Yum!

Delicious Schmoes

Tomorrow Lent begins ~ I am considering what my sacrifice will be.  For the last couple of years, I have added a good habit to my life, rather than giving something up.  I am considering going this route – Hm?  I think that I am thinking too hard about it.  I am trying to create a Lent PLAN which is probably not necessary, though I am sure that you guys understand plans/goals/lists being involved in all aspects of life.  I just do not think it is supposed to be this difficult to make the decision.  I will let you know tomorrow!!

One more thing on my mind (well, actually a million, but I am going to share this one):  Heart Rate Monitors!  Do you own a HRM?  Do you use it every time you workout?  Do you love it / hate it?  Thoughts Please!  Do you like knowing how many cals you burn during your workout??  If you have one, what brand do you have?  I am just trying to decide if this is something I want to spend $ on.  I love that Cassie has one and gets to know how many cals she burns during each of her workouts!!  I would love to know how many cals I burn ~ I think ??  But not sure?  Decisions, decisions.

I leave you with my little baby Lillian and her new-to-me coat.  It is a hand-me-down from a puppy friend.  Thanks puppy friend!!!



Tomorrow is already Hump-Day!  Have a good one!  :)   Goodnight!