Good Evening Bloggies! 

Judging by the title, it seems like this post will be about a Turbo Jam of some sort, shape, or form ~ Nope, it’s not.

Haven’t chatted in awhile, so this post will undoubtedly be random. 

I recently signed up for a GNC card.  I used to use Ben’s card, but it expired, so I signed up for my own.  When I signed up I got a magazine called Muscle & Body.  So far I am really enjoying it!

New Mag

Last night while I ate dinner I read an article called Stoked, about turning body fat into energy.  Strategy #2 = Mobilize Your Body Fat = Include high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  This caught my attention, because I have always heard that interval training is great for your body, but never understood why or how.

Do you believe that burning 500 calories while casually riding an elliptical trainer while you’re watching “Judge Judy” is equivalent to burning 500 calories while you’re putting the pedal to the metal with one- to two- minute intensity intervals?  Think again.  Not all the calories your body burns are equal.

When you use HIIT cycles during any type of cardiovascular exercise, your body burns far more fat from storage.  This type of training sends a signal to your brain to release fat from cells, which can then be used for immediate energy needs.  You may burn only 500 calories performing HIIT cycles, but far more of those calories will come from stored fat than they will when you burn 500 calories doing casual cardio.

For best results, include three to five HIIT cycles of one to two minutes each, with as much time between as you need for recovery.

Hm.  Just food for thought that I found interesting and thought you might also.  I kept this in mind today at the gym during my 7 mile (!!!) run on the tread.  Today, I tried to concentrate on intervals, going from speeds of 5.5 up to 8.0 and 8.5, then back down to 3.5 to walk just long enough to recover.  It was a tougher workout than my 15k two days ago, where I kept a more constant speed the entire time. 

Here is something else I picked up at GNC to test out.  I read about it in a SHAPE magazine.  I took the article directly into GNC and asked for it.  I usually like to know all about every tiny thing that goes into my body ~ but in this rare case, I don’t.  I am not sure exactly why…


Here is what caught my attention in the SHAPE mag:

Take your workout to the next level with be-HOT, an exercise enhancing Turbopak program featuring ingredients clinically proven to maximize the results of your workout.  Three formulas work together to increase your metabolism, boost energy and support lean muscle tone.  In fact, its calorie-burning formula burns three times more calories before your workout and 12 times more for up to one hour after.  Each nutritional supplement is pleasant tasting and easier to swallow.  You’ll even love the way they look.

Yes, I actually do love the way they look.  Some are gold, some are pink, some are glittery.  Perfect reason to put them in my body, huh?  I am still doing some research and trying to get some more info on these babies.  It is difficult for me to buy the 12 times more for up to one hour after part ~ but whatev.

Do you put any supplements into your body that you are not 100% sure about or don’t quite have all the facts on??  (or am I the only one?)


Well, today was our Valentine’s Day party at school, which meant crazy kiddos, but lots of fun!  Here is my Valentine to my students that they found on their desk upon arrival.  They were pumped!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I am sure you now hope that you get a 100% Coupon for your Valentine’s Day gift too, right?!  This celebration day was filled with candy!  I did a pretty good job staying away from it, aside from a Hershey Hug and a few Starbursts.  Check out the Valentine I found in my bag from one of my girlies.  Wow!

Valentine for Miss Feldmeyer

This bar is HUGE!!  Thanks, Alyssa.  I will probably take it back to school tomorrow and use it as a prize for Miss Feldmeyer’s Friday Raffle.  I tried to pawn it off on my Benny, but he declined. 

Here is another school story laugh I wanted to share. 

The outfit I wore yesterday looked like this:

I am not exactly sure why there is a fog in our kitchen ~ you could ask my camera, perhaps.  Yes, this was the outfit I wore yesterday.  On our way to lunch, my girls go, “Miss Feldmeyer, you look like one of those one things that goes like this”  and they started moving their hands like a mime does.  I replied, “I look like a mime?” 

“Yes! A mime!” ~ Awesome, thank you for the compliment girls (!!!!!!)  :)  :)  :)

Well, tomorrow is Friday and I will be at school.  No more four day weekend, thanks to all the snow around here.  Have a Happy Friday!  Goodnight Blogsters!!