When life gets hectic, your mind often tries to simplify the world by dividing things into two categories – perfection or complete disaster.  But this way of thinking can make it tricky to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle; believing that you’ve failed if you splurged too many times or skipped a workout makes it hard to bounce back.

Start checking in with your thoughts throughout the day.  If they’re too drastic (“I just ate a bag of Oreos; today is ruined, so anything goes”), put things into perspective.  You may have just gobbled down 10 cookies, but those 550 calories won’t make you gain 5 pounds.  Just adjust your  behavior to work around your lapse in judgement.  Eat a lighter dinner and skip dessert the next day and you’ll be fine – not to mention, you’ll feel more positive and empowered.

Confidence Coach ~ Ellen McGrath Ph.D.

Thanks, Ellen!!  This totally applies to my old way of thinking.  Sometimes I still catch myself doing it, but not nearly as often as I used to.  If I ate a couple starbursts from my candy jar at school, I would consider my day ruined, so I would just eat a million more pieces of candy ~ and then skip my evening workout on top of that.  I feel like I have really done a great job at stopping that all-or-nothing type of thinking, but I enjoyed this piece of advice and thought it might help some of you out there who have the same thoughts I so often did.


Well, school was cancelled today.  I was so bummed out, because this means so long to my four day weekend.  I did get a lot done today, though ~ including two workouts, one of which was complete strength training and ZERO cardio!  It felt great and I am pretty sore as a result.

This morning, Rachel and I did the gymmie thing right away around 9:00.  I did lots of bicep/tricep/thigh machines.  Absolutely zero cardio during this visit to the gym.  Cannot believe I get to type that.  This evening, I just finished Turbo Jam Fat Blaster and Insanity Cardio Abs.  Great 40 minute cardio workout. 

Today I tried these for some extra energy:

FRS Healthy Energy

This was just a sample pack.  It says to chew two pre-workout ~ so I did.  I can tell I am a bit more awake, but I don’t know that it necessarily amped up my workout at all.  Do you do anything or take anything or eat a certain food or drink a certain drink that amps up your workout??  Please share!

However, I was amped about these babies – Check it out:

No Pudge! Brownies

My sister, KT, introduced me to these.  I have never made them on my own, though.  I set them out this morning and I have been looking forward to them all day (!!!!)

Delish and Nutrish


You can make the entire batch or you can make a single serving.  The only step is to add plain yogurt and bake.  I am going to stick with single servings ~ this way my sweet tooth will not be tempted to eat the entire batch.  It is strange, though, my crazy sweet tooth has been MIA.  My entire appetite has been very strange ever since the day I got sick.  Hm, strange (??)

Well, I am going to relax with Benny and Lil, then hit the bed early, because I did not sleep at all last night.  Actually, I woke up at 1:30 AM and I was super hungry.  I had an Arnolds Sandwich Thin & some raisins and did some reading.  I’ve decided a 9:15 bedtime sounds amazing tonight.

Goodnight Bloggies  :)  Happy Humpday tomorrow!!