Wow!  I am proud of myself today!!

I was not feeling well at school this morning.  I even thought about going home at lunch.  I am not sure what is wrong or what kind of sickness is upon me ~ but it is tricky, because one minute I think I am better and the next I feel horrible again… 

Anyway, while at school Ben & I always e-mail toward the end of the day to see what our after school plans are, as far as working out.  Today I told him I would have a super quick workout and I just wanted to burn 80 calories and I would be outta there.  80 cals?  Weird, I know…  But I have not been feeling well or and I can tell my body is quite lacking in energy, so I thought an 80 calorie walk sounded nice and perfect… and good enough for me.

However ~ I ended up running a 15k on the treadmill!!  :)

I really pumped myself up today once I stepped on that machine.  All this talk with KT and Cassie about races and 5ks and 15ks, just made me want to prove to myself that I could do it.  I do not think I have ever run this far at one time without stopping!! 

Waaahhh (!!!!!!)

I just let my body go with the music today, without paying so much attention to numbers.  If my music was fast and pumped me up, I ran at 7.0-7.5 and often I was running at 5.5 – or somewhere in between all of those.  I just let the music carry me today.  I know for a fact I was jamming out loud at some points!! 

Bad day at school = Lots of stress = 95 minutes on the treadmill!

A school story that I have been meaning to share with you:

Each week we have 8-10 vocabulary words.  We first make predictions and my kiddos guess what the word means.  Then, we read a story and use context clues to decide if we were right.  Next, we look up exact definitions in the glossary and write them out.  Finally, we use them in a sentence…

One of our words this week is tundra, as we are discussing reindeer and where they live.  We definitely discussed, multiple times, the fact that a tundra meant cold, frozen ground.  However, here is the sentence I received from one of my boys:


I like your toyota tundra.

Nice.  Thank You, Brady.

I also found a great quote from a coach in SHAPE magazine.  It was just what I needed and it totally applies to me and thoughts I have everyday.  I will share on my next post.

Talk to you soon, Bloggies  :)