Lots of excitement around here today, Bloggies!! 

:)   First of all, Superbowl!!  GO COLTS!


:)   Second, Running…

I am ready to run!  I have only ran two 5K races in my life ~ both on Thanksgiving Day, the Turkey Trot.  Two years ago was my first one and I could not make it the whole way running, which is okay, but it did bum me out.  That was during the time I was student teaching.  I had no time to workout, let alone train for the 5K.  But my sister KT was doing it and I really wanted to join her.  Last Thanksgiving, I gave it another try and made it in 26:40.  Yeah!

First race I am pumped up about is the Spring Fling in Plainfield, Indiana.  I teach at an elementary school in Plainfield, and this race benefits Plainfield High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  There is a 5K and 15K, and part of me wants to challenge myself and do the 15K.  I really think if I started now, training and running each day, I could run a 15K on March 6th.  However, I am indecisive on this right now.  Maybe I will just stick with the 5K??  Either way, I am excited for the race!!

The second race was brought to my attention by Cassie.  We are both up and at em’ and registering this morning for the IU mini 5K in Btown. 


I think I need something like these two races to look forward to ~ I need a goal to work towards.  I have not been running as much lately because of Insanity, so this will be a good way to get myself back into running. 

I wanted to quickly share my excitement about these upcoming events!!  Now, I am waiting on a call from mom so I know whether or not I am meeting her and my dad for lunch.  If not, I am going to try to hit the gym.  I am not feeling 100% and I know my body needs to take it easy, but I need some form of physical activity in my life.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Bloggies!!  More later!  :)