Well, this day sucks ~ really…

The flu bug hit me last night and I woke up at 2AM feeling horrible.  I headed downstairs to sleep on the couch, so I would be near the bathroom ~ which turned out to be a great idea, because I made many trips there.

I hate being sick!   :(  :(  :(

I graded papers last night and was actually feeling caught up with school work – and this is a very rare feeling.  I was pretty pumped about having a productive day today. 

No way…

Here is what my day has consisted of:





I have not done much except for hang out on the couch with Lil, watch ANTM, read Real Simple, drink loads of water, and a bubble bath…

It is really freakin’ hard for me to sit around and do nothing.  I just cannot stand it.  Nothing sounds good to eat, which stinks.  I enjoy my meals on the weekends when I actually have time to put thought into them, not packing a lunch box and preparing them in 5 minutes.  Now that I have time, nothing sounds good.  I tried to eat lunch, but it didn’t work out ~ let us just say it is no longer in my stomach – spare you the rest. 

Blah ~ I hate being sick!!  Sick = Lazy = Bad Mood

Ben & I had plans to go to the gym today and to get groceries.  I was looking forward to both of these things.  I really needed the gym – it has been too long.  Ben went, while I lounged on the couch, feeling so lazy. 

Speaking of the gym, I have not been going as often lately because I have been obsessed with my Insanity DVDs.  However, I may be seeing more of the tread and elliptical, as the DVDs have now been sent home, to southern Indiana, where one of my friends is going to burn them for herself and for KT.  I am excited for Alia and KT to finally get to try out the madness!!  But I know I will miss it this week.  Maybe it will be good for my body to do something different this week, though?  How often do you change your workout??  Do you think this is a good thing to do?

Check this pic out – then I will explain:

Dark Hair

I have a four day weekend coming up, which I am pumped about!!  It is going to be workout city for this girl.  Anywayyy, I have a hair appointment and I am contemplating going darker.  Maybe not as dark as above picture, but just darker ~ for a change.  I think I need change.

A reader asked how long it took me to reach my goal.  This question has made me think, because actually I have not met my goal yet.  In a way I have, I suppose, but it seems like my goal keeps changing.  I plan to answer this question and elaborate on this in my next post. 

Enjoy your evening.  Ben & I are going to watch a movie ~ of course.

Talk to you later  :)