Hey Bloggies  :)  :)  :)

Tuesday = Much better than Monday!  Just sayin…

I feel like I have had a productive day today.  When I walked into my classroom this morning, I decided right away that I was going to stay late after school and get things crossed off.  I am glad I did because I feel much better now.  Of course, I created my list right away ~ and added to it as the day progressed.

School To-Do

Here was what my desk looked like by lunch time.  Desk, where are you???

Desk ??

I used all spare moments of my day to be productive and get things crossed off my list.  At lunch time, I took a ten minute breather to eat a quick veg-alicious meal and catch up with Tina and Cassie

Lunch on Gradebook

Teryaki Veggies

Today lunch takes me to something else I want to share with you guys tonight, and perhaps get your opinion on ~  My New Plan.  I have not totally worked it out or given it too much thought yet.  But I am excited about it and hope it gets me out of this frustrating plateau mode.  Grrrrr!

I did a bit of research about weight-loss plateau and how to “break” them.  It varied depending on the resource, but basically here is what I found:

  • Zig-Zag Calorie Intake
  • Change Your Exercise Routine
  • Alter Macro-nutrient Intake
  • Strength Training  ( Eh )
  • Change Meal Frequency

I have recently changed up my exercise routine quite a bit, by starting the Insanity madness.  I am trying the strength training, but I am going to try harder next time I hit the gym.  However, the goal of My New Plan is to focus on two of the above bullet points ~ changing up my meal frequency and macro-nutrient intake. 

I have decided I am going to try to eat 5 small meals a day, rather than three larger ones.  This is what INSANITY recommends anyway.  It is somewhat tricky with my school schedule, but it worked out well today.

  • Meal 1:  6:30am – 1/2 container of yogurt – 10 g carbs
  • Meal 2:  11:30am – teryaki veggies – 3 g carbs
  • Meal 3:  1:45pm – 1 can green beanies –
  • Meal 4:  5:00pm – spinach wrap – 3 g carbs
  • Meal 5:  8:10pm – egg beater omlet & 1/2 spinach wrap – 2.5 g carbs

It worked out and I liked it.  Why did I list the carbs??  Because that is my second switch-up.  Basically, as I read about altering macro-nutrient intake, it said to just change things up.  If your body is used to eating a lot of carbs, replace it with protein.  No need to put a lot of thought into it, just change something.  My focus is going to be less carbs.  I am not going to set a number ~ just less than my norm.

Hm??  We shall see how this works out.  I am not an expert, but Day 1 went well.

Any advice / words of wisdom to add or take away from My New Plan??  Tried any of these or any variations of these? 

Here is a new low-carb & low-cal fav of mine. 

Smart & Delish

Nutrition Facts

These are great!  I am even going to use them for dessert in a few minutes, with Sun Crytals, spray butter, and cinnamon.  They will probably be my new source of bread, replacing Sandwich Thins for awhile.  Yum!!

Back to my day…

As previously stated, I stayed after school today.  This was the first day I have stayed late since Lil entered my life.  I am so so glad I decided to stay.  I got a lot of school work done, lots of things crossed off, and even worked ahead, getting some tasks out of the way for next week!  Such a great feeling!! 

I enjoyed Meal #4, a spinach wrap, while standing in prep room making loads of copies.  I hate eating while doing other tasks, but in this case, it was probably worth it. 

I would like to share an outcome of letting students help grade papers:

 Handy Helpers!

I had a little girl help me grade some math worksheets the other day and got around to looking at them today.  She was annoyed because the owner of the paper she graded filled in random squares in her hundredths blocks, rather than filling them in beside each other in a nice order.   To express this anger to the owner of the paper, my Handy Helper writes, start doing easyer things at the top of the paper. 

I love my Handy Helpers  :)

I stayed at school until 6:15 or so, then headed home for 40 minutes of Insanity.  If I were to follow schedule, I would be ready for Cardio Recovery.  However, I pumped myself up on my way home and was ready  for an intense workout.  I decided to try the Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  Ahh! This is the DVD that I could not finish the first time – I had to stop with 7 minutes to go.

Well, not today!!  I made it through.  I died a few times during the workout, but I made it.  I cannot express to you how hard these workouts are.  They work me until I just cannot go anymore.  At these times, I collapse on the ground, take 3-5 deep breaths, then get back into it.  Whew!!

 I will leave you with another sleepy pic of Silly Lilly & I:

 Love Her

Goodnight Bloggies.  Happy Hump-day tomorrow  :)