Wow!  I love weekends!  :)

I started with a workout right away this morn.  My first thought, “Hey, it’s Saturday, I am going to have a nice, long Turbo workout, rather than insane Insanity.”  I just did not feel like putting my body through that killer workout on a Saturday morning.  I put in Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3, a 40 minute cardio workout.

I did 10 minutes, then decided, “Okay, I want insane Insanity.”  I ejected the Cardio Party and put in the madness.  I followed the 60 Day Insanity Calendar, even though I had no intentions of following this plan.  I told Ben my plan was just to do it when I felt like I needed an intense cardio session and I had enough energy for it.

The calendar called for Cardio Power & Resistance workout.

Insanity Day #3

Another super-intense workout.  I had to stop and rest often, but I consider that okay because even the people working out behind Shaun T have to stop and take a rest every once in awhile.  I was dripping sweat after just the warm up.  These workouts are amazing.  A great start to my Saturday.

I am on Day #3 in a row of the Insanity DVDs.  My body is more sore than it has been in a long time, or possibly has ever been.  I am excited about that, because it tells me that these workouts are doing the job.

I am currently experiencing a weight-loss plateau.  I am not necessarily sure what causes this and I have often wondered if it was even a real thing ~ well now I know it is.  I have not changed my diet and, if anything, my workouts have become a tiny bit more rigorous lately.  This plateau is frustrating and confusing.  I have been doing some research, which has helped a little.  Any knowledge, advice, or words of wisdom to share on this frustrating topic??

Now, on to less-maddening topics ~ dinner:

Ben and I both decided that pizza sounded great.  However, we each made our own tonight because we totally disagreed on ingredients.  My healthy version included:

  • Baboli 100% Whole Wheat Crust
  • Rague 7 Herb Pizza Sauce
  • ~ 1/4 cup Sargento Low Fat Italian Cheese
  • Spinach
  • Red Pepper
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Parmesean Cheese

I ate an undocumented second slice.  I am happy with my pizza – it was delish! 

I have been extra hungry today.  I just sat down before dinner to write down every single thing I ate today.  I never do this, but I was just curious about cal #s today because I thought for sure it had to be close to 1,000,000.  Not really ~ I have eaten a lot, but all were healthy choices.  I just hope this extra hunger has to do with my Insanity workouts.  I am not sure of another way to explain this crazy, over-sized appetite of mine.

I want to get a late night Turbo Session in tonight – I think that will help me feel better.  For now, hitting the couch for a movie with Benny & Lil. 

Talk to you soon  :)