Hey guys!  Blog time is limited this morning, so this will be short and sweet!

Wait, what??  Blog this morning??

Yes, I took a mental health day from school today.  I absolutely needed it.  It is all just becoming too much for me and really dragging me down.  I do not feel sorry for myself and I know that all jobs are difficult and stressful in their own way – It’s just me.  Lately I just feel like I am not giving teaching 100% and it really takes more than 100% to be a great teacher.  I have been impatient with my students and with my team.  I left school crying nearly every day this week, just wondering how I was going to get everything done, without making teaching my life.  I have other things to fit in, too.

The thing is, I feel guilty taking this day, because I know there are people around me, people on my team, who deserve to take a day more than I do.  How in the world do they do it?  They have families and sports and millions of other commitments that I don’t even have yet ~ and I am still overwhelmed. 

So yes, I feel a bit guilty about taking this day.  But I am being so productive.  I planned on letting myself sleep until 7:15, which is two more hours than a normal weekday.  However, I ended up having my complete A.M. workout finished by that time!  And let me tell you, it killed me!!

Yes, INSANITY is insane.  This morning I decided to try Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  It is part of Month 1 DVDs, which means it is supposed to be easier than Month 2 DVDs.  But it is not easy in any way.  I could not finish the last 7 minutes of this 40 minute workout and I am not embarrassed to admit that, because it is killer.  I felt like a football player while I did this workout.  I have not been so tired and worn out in a long time.  I thought I my cardio skills were pretty good, but I have been proved wrong!

Insane Cardio Circuit

I felt guilty not being able to finish the last 7 minutes, so I rested for a few minutes, then put in Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix and did 10 minutes of that.  It felt like a cool down compared to Insanity.  I never thought I would consider Turbo Jam easy, but I did this morning.  I still love it!

I followed this cardio-sweat-die-football-player-like-killer session up with an 8 minute ab workout, which is part of Turbo Jam Booty Sculpt + Abs.  I felt great after all of this.  I wish I had time to do workouts like this every day. 

Next, I moved right on to my huge To-Do List.  I am in productive mode today.  I am taking a day off, so I am going to use it wisely.  I am starting with cleaning ~ tons of cleaning! 


I have crossed so much off of my To-Do List already today.  It is a great feeling considering it is only 10:00.  Check it out…

Crossing Things Off

Still so much to do, but feels good to be started.  I just finished breakfast and will quickly share that with you.  I was not too hungry, but felt like I should probably eat something after that workout.  I went with a small banana cut into slices with PB and raisins on each slice.  Some yogurt and granola on the side. 


Not just any ol’ PB on those banana slices.  A new one I found.  I think I am becoming obsessed.  This one is my favorite so far, though.  Holy cow!  I never shop at Wal-Mart anymore, but I am so glad I did!

Amazing PB

This amazing PB is from the same company as the Dark Chocolate Dreams I bragged about on a previous post and is No-Stir Natural.  I love having so many PB options in the cabinet.  Yum.

Well I have WKOUT #2 (as my To-Do List reads) planned for 11:15 this morning, so I need to go get more things crossed off before that time quickly approaches.

See you soon!  :)  Happy Friday Bloggies!!