Wow!  Weekends just fly by, don’t they? 

I traveled home to southern Indiana for the weekend because my family had church pictures today.  I drove from Indy to Bloomington yesterday after school and met my sister KT there – she goes to IU.  KT drove home from Bloomington, so I could keep Lillian out of trouble.

Yesterday at school we had PJ Day to raise money for Haiti.  My classroom raised $70!  I debated forever on whether or not to wear pajamas to school.  It just seems awkward for the teacher to wear PJs, but I decided to be fun and my kids were excited about seeing their teacher in PJ pants!!

Pajama Day

Upon arriving home last night, I was greeted by the many treats that my mom always has prepared especially for us.  She had just baked chocolate chip cookies.  They are delish, and I did not stop with just one!  or two!  I actually had three, then decided I had better stop right there.  I definitely enjoyed them, but felt guilty afterwards.  I just hate when I come home and pig out.  But I haven’t done it in awhile, so whatev.  Yesterday I craved chocolate all day at school and I think it is because I knew I was coming home for the weekend, and home = chocolate.  It just motivated me to have an awesome workout this morning – and another one coming tonight!!

Lilly actually let me sleep in until 8!  I have not slept that late since she has been a part of my life!!  I got up and gave myself time to wake up and build up some energy.  I had a big Saturday breakfast with a Sun-Main Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with PB and a banana.  The perfect fuel for a workout! 

I started my TurboJam session with Cardio Party Remix, followed by half of Cardio Party 3.  With church pictures coming up, I was working on a tight schedule.  But these two were perfect.  It ended up being a 55 minute Cardio Party session.  To pump up my workout and  increase intensity, I wore my sister’s Beachbody weighted handgloves.  I love them and have decided to order myself a pair!!


Cardio Party Remix / Cardio Party 3

Weighted Handgloves

I felt great after this sweat session and not quite so bad about my three cookies from last night.  After the cardio, I went for some Ab Jam, which felt great!  I need to bust this one out more often.  Next, it was time to shower and get ready for pics.

  Lil and Mom

KT snapped a pic of Lil and I before we left for church pics.  It is not often I get prettied up while at home.  Usually I am either lounging in pajamas or sporting my sweaty workout gear.  Nice, huh?

Well guys, I have some papers calling my name – time to grade  :(