Good Morning Early-Bloggers!  What?  I’m posting in the morning?  At 8:30??  Aren’t I supposed to be teaching my 5th graders right now?? 

I am pumped about this, but also a little bummed out.  I woke up this morning at my new early Lilly-scheduled time, showered, got ready, etc.  As I was going to unplug my phone from the charger to pack in my purse, I saw that I had a voicemail.  What?  Who called me this early?? 

School  :)

It was a message from school letting me know we were operating on a 2 hour delay schedule.  I was so surprised because I was not expecting this at all.  Apparently freezing rain happened last night.  I am pumped, but also bummed.  Tonight is Math Family Night at school and I am on the Math Committee, which means I have to stay and help.  It starts at 6:30 and I have a Case Conference meeting after school at 3:30.  By the time this is said and done, it will not be worth my time to drive home in between the two.  Basically, I planned on staying at school until Math Night started to get a lot of school things crossed off my list.  This meant no workout today. 

Had I known about this two hour delay sooner, I would not have showered this morning and squeezed in a workout before school, since I will not be getting one in after.  I asked Ben if it would be dumb to go ahead and workout and then just shower again.  Of course he just gave me a hug and said whatever you want to do. 

I ended up deciding against a second shower and set up my teacher desk at the kitchen table.

After grading for awhile, I was ready for my new and improved School Day Breakfast, which I mentioned in a previous post.  My mom actually discovered these babies! 

New / Improved School Day Breakfast

I present to you: Sun-Maid Cinnamon Raisin Bagels.  Yum!  They are delish and the nutrition facts are delish, too!! Thanks Mom! 

210 Cals + 1 gram fat per bagel

I always eat half of a bagel spritzed with Spray Butter.  And this morning I had a Skinny Water Peach Mango Manderin to go with – 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 guilt.

One reason to be pumped up about this morning:  I got a lot of grading done and grades entered into my gradebook.  A second reason I am pumped up:  More time to spend with Lil! 

I went back and forth – doing school things, playing with Lilly, getting some cleaning done in the  mix.  It was nice to have the extra time this morning, since I will not be home until late tonight.  I have my lunch and dinner packed for today and will be enjoying them at my desk!  More on this later, as there is a new-to-me product in my lunch/dinner bag that I am anxious to try.

And the third and final reason I am pumped up about today:  In honor of Math Family Night, today is “Multiplication is No Sweat” Day and we get to wear our sweat suits!!  This never happens at my school!

Well Bloggies, it was great to talk to you this morning.  Have a great day!!  :)