I have a cardio problem.  I just cannot stop.  My new goal (starting at the beginning of this week) was to balance my workout – doing both cardio and strength training, dedicating more time to strength training.  I always spend so much time on the elliptical or treadmill that I do not have the time to stay and do the weight machines and strength training, especially now that I am on a new schedule and must get home to little Lilly.  My new goal went over well on Monday of this week (a day off school), as I worked out twice that day and did cardio + strength training both times.  I was so sore on Tuesday that I took an off day!  I was excited because that meant the strength training was working! 

Today I decided that I would allow myself one hour at the gym so I could get home to Lil by 5:30 (apparently 5:30 was not soon enough – more on this in a minute).  I decided on the way to the gym that I would pre-plan my workout, this way I would get both cardio and strength training in during my short gym time.  I planned to do 15 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes treadmill, and then hit the arm machines, weights, and thigh machines for my last 25 minutes…

Well, my friends, I ended up staying at the gym for 70 minutes –all of which were spent on the treadmill.  I just could not stop.  I kept saying one more half mile, then I will do a cool down.  I would stop for my cool down, then want to start running again.  This continued for 6.5 miles.  Do not get me wrong, I am pumped about this much walking/running/sprinting and I felt amazing afterwards, but I am just annoyed at myself for not making time for the strength training part of my workout.  I am still considering fitting in a Booty Sculpt +Abs Turbo Jam session tonight, but I have so much school stuff to do.  We shall see what comes of this.

Yes! It is almost time for the awesome dessert I promised to share!  That post will be coming right up after dinner with Benny!

See you soon Bloggies  :)