Before dessert, a quick snapshot of our delicious din.  I was pretty excited about it because for some reason I have been super hungry today.  A veg-alicious (!!) mixture of carrots, broccoli, red peppers, yellow peppers, green peppers, and grilled chicken.  With a Sandwich Thin and a few Baked Lays on the side.  This really hit the spot.

Dessert time – and I will start by saying one word: YUM!

Preparation of this dessert is a few steps, but well worth it!  Here is the start:

Yes, check out that jar – look a little closer.  I discovered the special ingredient of my new dessert this past weekend at Meijer.  Are you kidding me?  Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter?? YUM!

I am so excited about this new discovery.  It is No-Stir Natural, my favorite.  It tastes like chocolate frosting.  I am obsessed, but as always with peanut butter, I try to eat it on days when I know I will workout (?!?)  I put the Choclate Dreams on top of 3 (out of 5) graham cracker halves and then top it with Fat Free whip cream.  I love this whipped cream and I love knowing that the entire can contains only 250 cals.  I know I would never eat the entire can at one time, but it is nice to know that if I did choose to, it would not be so bad, right?


What about the other 2 grahams?  Here are the ingredients for step #2.


Spray butter, Sun Crystals, and cinnamon – also an Arnolds Sandwich Thin.  This mixture is an all-time favorite.  I ate it all throughout school, too, except Sun Crystals have replaced the Splenda from back then.  Again: YUM.

All together now…




It really is delish, guys.  I look forward to it all the time – and I have a major sweet tooth.  This dessert always satisfies.  Sometimes, I hear people comment on certain foods being too rich for them.  I do not even know what that is like.  Nothing is too rich for me and I am not kidding.  I have never experienced that.  What is the dessert that you look forward to?  What cures your sweet tooth best?  And what are your thoughts on peanut butter??

Well Bloggies, I leave you with this sleepy picture of my Silly Lilly.


Lots to do, then time for sleep.  Goodnight & Sweet Dreams!!  :)