My long-lost Bloggies!  It has simply been way to long!!  Why?


Because of Lilly Girl!

I love our new puppy.  She is so cute and she always makes me smile.  But she is a lot of work.  I cannot say she is more work than I thought, because I knew a puppy would be loads of work.   It has just been a big change for me.  My entire daily schedule has changed because of Lilly, weekday and weekend.  For example, I have started waking up at 5:15, instead of 6:30, to get to school earlier and do lots of morning work, in hopes of leaving earlier in the afternoon, stopping at the gym, and getting home to Lil by 5:30 or so.  It is completely worth it and the new schedule is already getting easier.  I always say that “I wish I required less sleep” and now Lilly is helping me get my body into this routine.  Thanks Lil!

Speaking of my bod – On my last post, which was forever ago, I promised some comparison pics.  I happened to run across an old pic my mom took of me during a student teaching open house.  Tonight, I put on the exact same outfit for comparison purposes.  Like I said, from day to day, it is so hard for me to notice changes.  I am pretty hard on myself and get upset when I cannot see the progress.  Taking pictures months apart like this helps me to see the changes I am making for my body – slowly but surely.  Do you take comparision pics?  Do you like seeing progress of others through pictures?  I only ask because I love all comparision pics, even if they are not mine.  If I see a blog, I love clicking the About Me button and seeing before and after pics.  They are so motivating for me.

September 2008


January 2010


Lots of time = Lots of progress.  Student teaching meant no working out and little healthy eating for me.  I am so glad I came across this old student teaching picture because it helps to remind me how far I have come and motivates me to keep working hard.  It takes time to see results, and that has always been a difficult concept for me to grasp.  I always wanted results fast which lead to stupid unhealthy eating habits.

I am still trying to figure out how to balance the important things in my life – teaching, working out, healthy eats, Ben, my fam, friends, and now Lilly.  It is so difficult and I truly admire people who can do all of this and more.  A perfect example would be Laurie, and lady on my team at school.  She is an awesome teacher and an awesome mom of three kids, one of which is a sixth grader on an all-star cheerleading squad and two of which are twins in second grade.  I often wonder how she does it all and does it so well.  I am definitely taking some lessons from her and wondering if I will ever be able to handle all that she can at once.  I am still learning – trying out new schedules and new time management techniques. 

Well Bloggies, I have missed you.  And I did not even realize how much until a reader wrote on my wall today and told me she missed my blog.  I Turbo’d with her often this summer, so she knows all about the Turbo aspect of my blog and shares my love for the workouts.  Her simple comment and knowing that someone missed my blog, made me feel good.  Why?  Because every once in awhile, I question this blog world I have recently become a part of.  I love it and I love reading what others have to say.  But I often feel that compared to some, I don’t have a lot to share, or a great story to tell…

I am just a fairly normal person, trying to make time in my crazy busy new life for healthy changes one step at a time. 

Thank you to those who have continued checking up on my blog, even though I have been MIA for such a long time.  It feels great to be back!  I am going to stop worrying about blogging every single meal I eat, but instead I am going to take a few minutes when I have them to fill you all in on the important stuff!  

And I have already started planning my post for tomorrow, which includes a new, quick, nutritious School Day Breakfast and an awesome new dessert I have been obsessed with!!  I am so excited for you to see it.

Lots to do before bed ~ Such a busy week!  Goodnight Bloggies!  :)