Hello Bloggies!  A quick late night-late post to inform you all of the reason why I have been gone the past two days!  It is a good reason, I promise: 

Reason = Lilly

We have been trying to set this up for a few weeks now.  She came from a lady in Ohio who rescues puppies.  Yesterday after school I spent time trying to set up an appointment and get things worked out with the lady.  I had a million questions for her!  Today Ben and I drove 4 hours to Delta, Ohio to pick up little Lilly.  The majority of our Saturday was spent in the vehicle ~ but it was well worth it! 

I can tell it it is taking her a little while to learn how to be around people and have attention.  I cannot imagine what kind of life poor Lilly came from before she was rescued, but I am sure she is not used to any attention, let alone loads of it!! She is so sweet and she has been such a good little puppy since she has been here with us!  I am already a proud mom!

Silly Lilly

Lilly’s First Bath at Home

Lilly & Dad


I know this post is consumed by Lilly, but I could not resist sharing her with you guys!  I promise, tomorrow I am back to business – eats and workouts and health related things.  I have finally located an old pic from student teaching, so I plan to do another comparision picture post.  I love those!!  And I am planning to head back to the gym tomorrow.  I missed both Friday and Saturday workouts due to this wonderful new family addition.  It will feel great to get back at it tomorrow!  It is going to be such a busy Sunday, I can already tell.  Where does the time go? 

And I have a question for you guys tomorrow ~ I need opinions / suggestions!

Off to put the Baby to bed.  Goodnight Bloggies  :)