Today’s breakfast was zero.  And you know I hate that.  Especially on a school day.  It was snowing like crazy and the ro-ads were looking bad.  So I decided I better get a move on, incase it took me longer than normal to get to school.  Since I decided against breakfast, I also saved my vitamens for lunch time.

Today I finally ate the veggies that I continued to leave in the refrigerator of the Teacher’s Lounge.  And they were delish!  It is a Green Giant Chicken Teryaki package that you heat in the microwave.  One of the most annoying parts of my day is waiting at the microwave for my lunch to warm up.  I usually try to pack something that does not require this 4 minutes of waiting.  But the veggies were worth the wait.  And I love the nutrition facts on these babies.  It is a great, healthy lunch for those busybodies with 20 minute lunch breaks!!

Teryaki Veggies on Planner

Today was better than yesterday.  I actually went to school with a plan in my head.  Usually my plan is to try really hard to get as much as possible done during the teeny breaks that I have.  Today I decided I would try not to try so hard.  I try so hard and make my to-do list so long, then when I don’t get it all done, I get upset.  Some might say I set myself up for failure, in small way.  I expect way too much of myself when I am at school.  Today I decided I would take ten minutes at lunch time to chill out, eat, and concentrate on something besides school, which is incredibly difficult.

Anyway, today was better   :)

I did not hit the gym after school, because the roads made me nervous.  I Turbo’d instead.  I was ready for a good Turbo session anyway, I have been missing.  Today I went with Cardio Party Mix 3, which is a 40 minute cardio workout.  And then I did Booty + Ab Sculpt, which is a 25 minute arm, thigh, and ab workout.  I just ordered this one recently and love it!! 

After my Jam Session, I hit the shower, looking forward to dinner time.  My stomach was growling by now.  We had some grilled chicken we wanted/needed to use.  Ben decided he wanted chicken nachos, which did not sound appealing to me.  I opted for a salad and put in grilled chicken rather than my usual turkey.  Once again, my crunchiness was pretzels, as I still have no Goldfish in this house.  Grocery shopping never happens during the week around here.  Not possible.  Along with my salad, I had my leftover Progresso Light Italian Style Vegetable Soup and an Arnolds Sandwich Thin with spray butter.  It really hit the spot ~ all of it.

I had a picture posted here, but for some reason, it did not look appetizing.  I deleted it.  The picture of this meal did not do it justice, so I am leaving it out.  It was delicious, the picture was not.

However, I am very excited about my dessert, because it was somewhat new to me.  And that is always fun, right?  I bought Sun Crystals at least a month ago, if not longer, when Cassie told me about them.  I used to use Splenda.  When Cassie told me about these Sun Crystals, I bought them, but was afraid to try it.  I was afraid it would taste nothing like Spenda and would not satisfy my sweet tooth.  I stopped eating Splenda, but did not try this either.  I just let both of them sit on the shelf.  One of my favorite snacks was cinnamon toast, but I stopped eating it this past month, because I did not want to use Splenda, but I also did not want to try these new Sun Crystals.  Tonight, I decided to give it a go, but I did not expect it to be very tastey.

New-To-Me Ingredient

SURPRISE!   I was so wrong!  Wow, it was amazing!  I loved it.  I am so excited that I finally opened the package to try it out.  Gracias, Cassie.  I am already excited to have this snack tomorrow.

Cinnamon Sandwich Thin

The night is winding down and it is past my school-night bedtime.  I promise better posts over the weekend. 

Tomorrow is Friday  :)   Goodnight!