Hey Guys, it’s been awhile, again…

I have been contemplating the idea of putting my blog on hold for a while, but I just don’t want to!  It is just really taking so much to get back into teaching.  Just over my two-week winter break, I forgot how much work goes into 26 fifth graders!  Wow!  However, I am going to take the advice of a BFF named Cassie (as I often do) and just blog when I can, and as much as I have time for.  Sounds like a plan!

Yesterday was not a good school day for me.  I spent my 20 minute lunch break holding back the hair of one of my little girls who was sick at the trash can.  Glad I am blogging late and you have finished dinner?  Yes.  The story is much deeper than that, but I will spare you details. 

Yesterday I had my normal school-day breakfast, no lunch because of my sick student, but I did fit a Clif Kid’s Bar in during my prep time, around 1:30 – Thank goodness for prep time!  And Clif Kid’s Bars!  My stomach was growling like crazy. 

My desk was looking so messy by the time the end of the day rolled around.  I cannot stand this.  But I also can’t help it throughout the day.  There is no reason to even attempt to keep the desk clean from 8:30-3:30.


I decided to stay after school for awhile and get some things crossed off my list.  When I finished, I organized this crazy madness.  I promise there is a desk under there somewhere.  See it?

That’s More Like It

As a first year teacher, there are many times when I am so overwhelmed and feel like there is no way I can keep doing this and stay sane.  But then I see things like this and realize that I can do it and it is totally worth it.

Love Hannah

After school I ran some errands.  I had to pick up some tennies from Dick’s Sporting Goods for my dad.  They live in southern Indiana where the nearest mall is one hour away, so I made the stop for them.  While I was there, I picked up a new Under Armour shirt for myself.  It was on sale!  And I love Under Armour.  Do you have a favorite brand of workout gear that you absolutely love!?  Please share

Ben and I bought loads of lettuce this week, so we made salads for dinner again last night.  Mine consisted of the usual, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, Parmesan cheese, green onions, turkey and FF Italian dressing.  I was out of Goldfish, so I substituted pretzels as my source of crunchiness.



That is what you missed yesterday.  Not a good day for me, but good eats!  Todays eats will follow soon.