Good Evening Bloggies! 

This will be a fairly super quick post because I have decided that I must go to bed early tonight.  I forgot how tired teaching makes me.  It is so strange how exhausted I am after a day of teaching my fifth graders, especially right now, when I am not completely back into my routine.

Eats were quite unexciting today, but they usually are when school is in session, unless it is a weekend.  I literally need every single minute of my day to work and cross school tasks off my list. 

Speaking of school / being productive, I owe all of my Bloggies a Thank You!! 

I have been reading blogs for a while now – rarely commenting, but always reading.  I decided to start my own blog over Christmas Break, thinking it would be a good time because would actually have some free time.  I did not plan to continue blogging when school started back up again because I knew I would be crunched for time.  However, contrary to my plans, I am still blogging, even though school is back in session.  Because I love blogging and love you guys so much, I try really really hard to cross things off my list at school so that I don’t have to bring so much home with me and I can enjoy my evening blog time.  I feel like blog time motivates me to be more productive while I am at school.  I literally do not stop working while there.  But I love that.  Gracias Bloggies!

One more thing – Before I post my meals, I must show you the shirt I chose to wear to the gym today!  I did not give it a thought until I hopped on the treadmill, then I had to laugh when I thought it about it.

Today’s Workout Shirt

So yes, all of you people behind me as I run on this treadmill, lifting those weights back there, you are wimps!!  Whatev, I love this shirt!!

This morning for breakfast (along with every single school morning) I had an Arnold’s 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin with butter.  I still use I Cant Believe It’s Not Butter spray butter.  I used it all throughout college and cannot let it go just yet.  This was eaten on my way to school.  How enjoyable, huh?  My School-Day breakfast is hardly ever varied, unless I decide to have a banana instead…

Breakfast on a School Day

My lunch box of veggies and an orange is still sitting in the refrigerator of the Teacher’s Lounge.  I could not resist working through my lunch again, while eating a Clif Kid’s Bar.  It would be hard to have a working lunch while eating steamed veggies or an orange, but it works out nicely with a Clif Bar.  And it was Chocolate Brownie, so it was delicious.

After school I headed to the gym.  I really had to talk myself into it today.  When I left school around 5:00  this evening, I decided on my way to my car that I would have a day off today.  Then I thought to myself, “I am freezing cold right now, I am going to wait until I am warm to make my decision.”  Working out just does not sound appealing when you are freezing and shivering, right?  Colder weather  makes it so much harder for me to hit the gym.  I maxed out the heat in my car and started feeling a little better about working out.  I scanned the radio for a pump up song.  Today it was Lady Gaga.  Finally, I decided I could do it.  I was ready for the gym.

Once again, I planned on a quick workout because I was so tired and knew I needed to catch up on sleep.  However, once I started running, I did not want to stop!  All I did today was the treadmill, no machines, which makes me mad at myself.  I get so wrapped up in the cardio part of working out, that I do not save time for machines.  I will be working on this and trying to improve.  On the treadmill, I ended up running four miles – very similiar to yesterday’s run.  And of course, I left the gym so glad that I decided to go.  And I left with sweats on!

Dinner was quick and easy tonight.  Ben and I both made soup.  I went with Progresso Light Italian Style Vegetable.  I ate half of the can of soup and saved the other half for a later date.  I made a teeny-tiny salad to go with my soup.  There were Goldfish involved, of course.  What is the strangest thing you put on your salads?  What is your favorite part of a salad?


Teeny-Tiny Salad

To satisfy the sweet tooth, I made the usual.  A sandwich thin with PB and raisins.  I felt like having lots of raisins tonight.  I love raisins.  My dessert will be undocumented, because my pictured turned out fuzzy.  I was actually excited for you guys to see my pile of raisins. 

Well Bloggies, I am tired and my legs are sore.  Off to bed an hour early!  Night!  :)